Putting Dr Oetker ‘Bake in a Box’ Loaf cakes to the test

When Dr Oetker asked if I wanted to try out some of their ‘Bake in a box’ cake kits I was instantly intrigued – I loved the idea of something so simple which would be useful to most people but, even more so, to someone who’s ill like me and can’t bake like they used to. I really wanted to see if it was as easy to use as it seemed.

Dr Oetker Bake in the box cake mix in double chocolate flavour

I was sent two different cake mixes, Double Chocolate and Lemon & Poppy Seed, but they had run out of the third (Banana & Chocolate Chip) so I can’t tell you what that one’s like. The cake mix comes in a very simple box, which is the shape of a loaf tin, so you’ll immediately begin to realise that they really do mean ‘Bake in the box’.

Dr Oetker Bake in the box cake mix in lemon and poppy seed flabour

As you can see from the box, both of the cakes say ‘Just Add Milk’ which is, I think, the simplest cake mix I’ve had before – Most need at least a couple of additional ingredients.


Dr Oetker bake in the box cake - With two glass milk bottles and a measuring jug

I forgot to include the fork, for mixing, but this was literally all we needed to make our cake – If you’re looking for simplicity this really is the home baking kit for you.

Dr Oetker bake in the box - A sachet of cake mix in a box

Once you open the box (you need to tear the whole lid off before you bake) you are greeted with the ultimate in simplicity – A bag of cake mix powder. Dr Oetker have been thoughtful when designing these as the instructions are on the bottom of the box which is supremely unhelpful when you’re using the box to mix the cake, as such they’ve re-printed the instructions on the bag of mix which means that even once you start the process you aren’t trying to read the bottom of a box which is full of gloopy cake batter.

Dr Oetker bake in the box - A boy, wearing glasses, stirring cake mix

As well as being super simple for anyone, and incredibly helpful for someone who’s ill, these sets are great if you have children as there really is little room for issues. You pour the powder from the bag in to the box, add the milk and mix. Ethan was more than happy to help at this stage and he’s one of those kids that tends to get bored with baking pretty early on. It didn’t take too long to get all of the powder mixed in and it, really, was as simple as that.

Dr Oetker bake in the box - A chocolate loaf cake resting on a wire rack

We made the Double Chocolate loaf cake first of all, at Ethan’s request, and this is how it came out! 10 minutes in to the baking time you run a knife along the top of the cake to help make that loaf shape, but that’s about as complicated as the whole process gets. I think I needed to do this one for 5 minutes less, but that’s because our oven doesn’t heat to the temperatures that it says it does.

The cake was really tasty and next time we do this one I’ll do it for 5 minutes less and make it that little bit more moist. The chocolate flavour really came through, though, and for a home mix, especially one this simple, it was great.

We tried the Lemon & Poppy seed flavour a week or so later and the 5 minutes less baking time did wonders for the texture (As I say this was entirely down to our oven, a normal oven should be fine to follow the instructions). I found that the flavour wasn’t quite as strong with the lemon cake but it was still really nice to eat and, for something you can keep in the cupboard for emergency visitors, it’s great.

These kits cost £2.50 but for simplicity sake I think they’d be fab. You use a measuring jug/or spoon, a fork and a cooling rack but other than that there’s no extra washing up and very minimal additional ingredients. I was definitely impressed with these and who doesn’t need emergency cake from time to time?

What’s your favourite flavour of cake? Do you like to keep an emergency mix in case someone pops over and you don’t have anything to offer them? 

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