I won’t write loads about these, because 16 products is going to be a lot to write about but I did want to show you what I’ve got in both my Look Fantastic and Amazon beauty advent calendars for this year. I was going to break it down in to groups of 6 but, life, so I’ve got the first 8 days to show you today so I’ll aim for 8, 16 and 24.

If you want to know how I got both of my beauty advent calendars for a really bargain price then check out my post from a couple of weeks ago which you can find here.┬áBoth calendars have been lots of fun, and it’s been lovely opening them each day and exciting to see what is in each box. I’ve had a few days which I’ve been less enthusiastic about, for both of them, but for the most part I have loved a lot of the products.

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I mentioned, in my November Latest in Beauty subscription post, that I had re-subscribed after being drawn to the site by a new box, from LiB, curated by Cosmopolitan; the ‘Cosmopolitan Party Starter’ edit. I’ve not bought one of Latest in Beauty’s collections in a long time but this one really, really jumped out at me and I think, once you see it, you’ll see why! I just happened to be on the look out for a treat for myself, after getting a rather nasty biopsy done, and this couldn’t have popped up at a better time.

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Not long ago I accepted that I didn’t think I’d be getting any Beauty Advent Calendars this year. I waited too long, umming and ahhing over which to pick, and most of the affordable choices went out of stock whilst I was procrastinating. Until some rather fortuitous timing and bargains came my way, and now I have two of the most exciting looking advents to share with you this Christmas!

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I wanted to do a Christmas gift guide, this year, that has ideas that cover most types of people in all families. Of course I won’t be able to include everyone (there’s less ideas for men because I really struggle to buy for the men in my life haha) but this is a pretty good all rounder which should, hopefully, be able to inspire people in a variety of ways.

This post contains products that we were sent to try out as well as products I’ve bought myself and really love – I’ll mark anything we were sent with a * for simplicity.

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