I, genuinely, think it’s a year or more since I last did a Primark haul! I just never manage to get to the store because I very rarely get to town, and on the times that I do it’s because we’ve been to the hospital and I’m too exhausted to do actual shopping. I’ve seen so many wonderful primark posts and videos that I’ve really felt like I’m missing out so it was rather lovely to be able to get in to store, myself, for the first time in about a year!

I took Ethan as a treat, after his dentist appointment, so that he could get a couple of new t-shirts as we’d had a big clear out of his things and he had had to get rid of some real favourites. I also picked up some bits for myself, of course. I didn’t get anything for Oliver as by the time we reached the baby section I was exhausted, and he’s not lacking in clothes anyway haha!
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For Black Friday H&M did a great offer of 25% off and free delivery on all orders. I’ve really come to love H&M over the past year, or so, and I love picking up bits and bobs for myself and the children when there’s a good offer on,or when there’s something in particular that we need.

This is a very picture heavy post, so if there’s any particular category you’d rather see I’m going in the order of home, beauty, my clothing and then baby clothing. I got some great things and 25% off makes it even more of a good deal than normal.
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First things first, I love bags. Even before I enjoyed fashion, when clothes were a thing of practicality but little else, I loved bags. And now that I love fashion I really, really love bags! In fact, when I get a new bag my husband groans because he believes I have enough bags (he is wrong).

House of Fraser, very kindly, asked if I’d like to look at their handbags and, possibly, feature one of them. Azii may have had a couple of words to say about it but it would’ve been wrong to say no, I’m sure you agree. Even just the act of looking through all the bags, deciding what brands to look at, what styles and colours to consider, the act of shopping for bags is tonnes of fun, for me, and I spent ages going through the different categories, looking at different colours etc. Thankfully the House of Fraser website is really easy to navigate otherwise I’d have been there for days.

I decided that Azii was, partially, right. I have a lot of big bags so, this time, I wanted to go for a smaller bag (but that’s not to say there won’t be more big bags in the future, haha) and I wanted something that was a good spring/summer colour, that would be easy to wear with lots of outfits. When I found something that ticked those boxes, and it was also from one of my absolutely favourite bag brands, the decision was easy.
The bag I picked is by Ollie & Nic (I already have three of their bags, and I love them, but I didn’t realise they were stocked by House of Fraser) and it’s called the Monroe cross body bag, in light blue. The biggest part of the bag is a, main, zip-up compartment and then it has a smaller pocket on the front which has the metal-work closure to fasten the flap which encloses the pocket.
To say I love this bag would be an understatement. The colour is exactly what I’m drawn to these days, a really pale blue that’s got a hint of green, almost a pale duck egg colour. I love how well made the bag is, how strong it feels, how light it is to wear and I even love the colour of the metal parts. It’s a thing of beauty.
I can, easily, fit a small purse, inhaler, phone, keys, lip products and mirror in there and still have space for some other small bits. I wouldn’t be able to fit bigger things in there but that’s when I’d reach for one of my heavier bags, this is definitely the type of bag you take when you’re travelling light or just popping out briefly.
Ollie & Nic are a brand who pay close attention to the small details, as the picture above shows. The branding is subtle, but distinctive, and the perfect stitching and all the little extra bits come together to make their bags some of the best I’ve ever owned.
I know that the lining is no big detail, you rarely see it, it doesn’t make any difference to your look or the over-all appearance of the bag. But even the lining of this bag makes me happy, I love the polka dots and it just finishes off the bag perfectly.
I didn’t realise how much I needed a bag this size (25cm x 18cm x 7cm, in case you wanted to be able to put it to scale), until I had it. I don’t leave the house a lot, but when I do, I put a lot of stuff in to the changing bag so I only, really, need a smaller bag to put my essentials in. This is, also, ideal for my shoulders. In the past I’ve had to take big bags to make sure we have everything, but they end up causing me so much pain, this little bag is almost weightless and is so much more comfortable to wear.
I know I’m just raving about this bag but I love it. My previous Ollie & Nic bags are great but two of them are huge and one of them is tiny so this just fills that gap. There were, keep in mind, other brands that I looked at during my bag search. There’s many things that House of Fraser do well, and one of those things is definitely bags. There were so so many, I was tempted by; some beautiful  nude options, some gorgeous brighter colours, some big tote bags and some other smaller bags, but this one was just ‘the one’ this time. Always ‘this time’ because, of course, when it comes to bags, there’ll always be a next time.

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This post contains press samples – Please see disclaimer

I have managed to get quite a few bits of proper maternity wear for a real bargain, for this pregnancy, whereas with Ethan I mostly ended up getting normal clothes in big sizes. I have, though, topped up my collection with some additional normal clothing, mostly from Primark, to make sure that I have plenty to wear whilst my tummy is growing. 

I bought a couple of pair of pyjamas, to begin with, because I wear pyjamas a lot; partly due to my every day health and partly because they’re just so comfy! Both of the pairs that I bought were in size 14-16 which are rather big but even once I’ve lost my baby weight I should still be able to manage them.
I love this green pair with floral pattern and polka dots, they’re so so pretty and they’re in the super soft, light, comfortable fabric that I love. They’re not as warm as the fleecy ones that you can get, but who needs fleecy ones when you can just snuggle under a blanket instead? These were £6, as were the next pair. 

These grey floral ones caught my eye, as well, as the design is so simple but so pretty. I’ve not worn them as much, though, as I didn’t realise that they weren’t elasticated and, rather, are just a normal size with a tie waist (which is a bit of a pain to keep tying and untying) – They’re massively comfy, though, and I love the way they look, not to mention the added little details like the lace overlay in the pockets (I love pjs with pockets!).
I bought two items of knit wear because it’s getting so much colder so they’re ideal for in doors but also for layering underneath my maternity coat which is fantastic but not incredibly thick. 
This stone coloured cardigan has been worn crazy amounts since I got it as it’s So comfortable and slouchy and it’s also much easier for me to get on and off due to it being a cardigan rather than a jumper. I believe this was £12 and it was well worth it, I’ll be keeping this as a huge oversized cardigan for even when I’m not pregnant as I absolutely love it. I got this in a size 18 so it can be done up over my bump as well as being left open. 
I’ve not got a photo of the jumper that I picked up as it just wouldn’t photograph properly; it’s a lovely dusky pink shade but keeps showing up as grey for some reason, It’s a much chunkier knit and I only needed it in a size 16 as it is so oversized already. It was £8 I think. 
A few basics, next, I picked up this chocolate brown long sleeved t-shirt for £4. I know it’s not very exciting but in cooler weather I need more than just t-shirt style tops and I liked the shade of this brown top. It goes nicely with everything and is nice and simple whereas a lot of my maternity wear is rather more patterned. 

I picked up these two vest tops for either £1.50 or £2 each, I can’t entirely remember. I got them as night wear, or to layer underneath some more sheer maternity tops that I’ve got, or just for wearing underneath my huge jumper. I really like the top, brick colour and the nude one is perfect for layering. 
I’ve wanted a top with a dream catcher on for ages so I snapped up this dark red tee the moment I saw it folded on the shelves. Because it was folded I didn’t see the arrows, and I’m not as fond of those, but for a £3 or £4 top you can’t really go wrong! I love these simple, pattern tees that Primark do, sometimes they have loads of designs that I love and sometimes just one or two. It’s always well worth checking out this section. 
Lastly and, probably, my favourite item from the haul is this Roald Dahl quote tee. I loved Roald Dahl when I was growing up and this quote is one I’ll always remember – ‘If you have good thoughts, they will shine out of your face like sunbeams and you will always look lovely’. I think this one was £7 but it was well worth it. I got it in a size 18 so I’m hoping it’ll last through my pregnancy. It’s really long and has a slightly asymmetrical bottom which is a nice added feature – the length is perfect because it means I can get away with wearing this with just leggings which is a really comfy outfit for around the house. 
And that’s what I got. Maybe not the most exciting haul but a couple of real gems and proof that, even in pregnancy, you can get away with getting some fantastic bargains. 

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This is another post which has taken far far longer to get written than originally intended – Back when I first got these shoes I was so sick I could barely get off the sofa without setting my tummy off, once I started getting better from that, my feet were all swollen and uncomfortable so shoe posts weren’t exactly ideal… Yes, pregnancy really is so glam! But I’ve decided to put it together now, regardless, sore feet or not!

Rather than the shoes I was sent from Shoe Zone being Summer picks, I’m now looking at one pair as a more dressed up option (though still very simple) and one as year-round staple (Which just happen to be in a very a/w suitable colour!)


Now, these Pinky nude ballet slippers might not be everyone’s idea of party shoes, but for me they’re exactly the sort of thing I’d pair with a nice dress over the party season. I can’t wear heels and my sparkly/glitter shoes are saved for really, really dressed up times. These are my pick for a party where you want to be comfortable, but also pretty.

I love the pink toned nude of these, and the lacey pattern. I do think they’re more spring/summer picks, but then the lace/crochet pattern does look a lot like snowflakes so maybe it can be swung that way.
As you can see, just about, I am wearing these with jeans in the pic and I think they work beautifully as casual shoes as well as dressed up shoes (these are actually a lot like my evening shoes for my wedding, I had more dressed up ones for the day time and then ballet pumps like these for the evening). Unfortunately these, particular, ones aren’t available on Shoe zone any more but you can check out their range of ballerina pumps for other ideas, or they have a fab party section for those who’re a little more daring than me and can wear heels.
The second pair of shoes, which I think are pretty perfect for all year round are these Lilley Purple Lace up canvas shoes – These are still available, in a few sizes, and are £7.99 which is a bit of a bargain.
I love the shade of purple, with these, and I think it works in any season. I also, really like, the canvas style of shoes, though I do struggle with the laces so I am thinking about getting some elastic laces to go in them (honestly, an absolute life saver for anyone with mobility/dexterity issues).
These are perfect for every-day wear as they have a great, casual feel to them but still look nice and go with a lot of outfits. They also have them in a turquoise colour which I really, really like.
I’m always amazed that a store as affordable as Shoe Zone has free delivery, on their site, but they do and it’s something that always makes me come back to them because I can’t stand shelling out loads for delivery when there’s a better option.
There’s so many lovely pairs of shoes on there at the moment, as well as comfy slippers and winter essential-wellies, so I’d really consider checking them out as the weather gets cooler and we need to keep warm and dry.

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This post contains press samples – See disclaimer here