Please bear with my whilst my site looks different, for a little while. I’m undergoing some pretty massive changes so things may be a little different, for now, but things will be back to a much better state as soon as is physically possible.

And, you never know, this may be the spur in to getting more regular posting too!

Watch this space!

I was browsing a discussion about recommended subscription boxes, as I haven’t been feeling overly excited by boxes over the past few months, when I saw someone mention ‘The Curated Combination’ and was intrigued. This box is made by bloggers, for bloggers, it’s released in very limited quantities in the hope that the blogger who buy it are inspired to write about what they get. For £12.50 they promise to avoid the foil packets and give products really worth writing about (and it certainly looks like they deliver!).

When the box first arrived I wasn’t sure what it was, they haven’t invested in chic packaging or fancy branding and you won’t find me complaining about that. As nice as pretty boxes are, the contents are far more important!

And here’s what I got! (Normally I’d do more detailed photos but kids, sunlight and life, need I say more?)
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If you haven’t heard of Bullet Journals I’d be really surprised. The concept is everywhere at the moment and, to some, I’m sure it seems like a bit of a fad and you’re waiting for the next craze to come along. But, this time, I can confidently tell you that there’s good reason why Bullet Journalling has taken off in such a way, and why I think it’s here to stay – It works. For so many people this style of planning is a real life changer and, I for one, can see myself using this system for the very, very long term.

My Leuchtturm1917 in Anthracite

I’ve been ordering from Simple Candle Company for a little while, now, and for a good few months I was signed up to their subscription box service (see some posts here, and here), but I have put my subscription on hold for a while because I just have so many melts that it’s getting silly.

Of course when you subscribe to a service, like that, you’re going to get some scents which are less suited to you and I’ve got a nice little collection put to one side, now. I’ve saved a few for another giveaway which I have in the pipe line, but today I am starting my giveaway to win 10 beautiful smelling melts. 

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It’s the start of a New Year and the lovely people at Treat Box UK have made a box worthy of starting the year with new beginnings and resolution, with changes and plans for the future. As always it’s clear that the box was beautifully curated and I am loving quite how much of the box contains the stunning print that has been made for this month.

I think this is my last box from my latest subscription so I may take a break, as I have a lot of lifestyle bits building up… or you may see me post again in February if I just can’t make myself miss a box.

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