I saw a curated box from Latest in Beauty over on Facebook a couple of weeks ago and it really captured my attention. I haven’t been overly excited by any of the pre-made boxes, from any company, for a while now but this one looked great and I decided to order it as my ‘Well done for getting your lip biopsy’ reward.

Whilst I was making the order I took a look at the monthly subscription you can do with Latest in Beauty, now, as it’s been a long time since I was signed up (in fact my last post was in 2014 here) to them on a regular basis. And I have to say I was impressed! You can get 3, 6 or 9 products per month (with free delivery) costing £9, £15 or £18 respectively. I didn’t see at the time of signing up but you also get a free makeup bag with your first month too.

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I cancelled my Powder Beauty Drawer (see the site here), briefly, because I wanted to be more sensible but it didn’t take me very long to change my mind (in fact my last post was September so I haven’t missed a box yet). I think that these are some of the best beauty subscription boxes around at the moment – A little pricier than average but with more products, with more full sized products and with some really impressive brands. The boxes are either £10, £13.50 or £15 a month (plus postage) but considering the value of the products I can understand why.

Go down to the bottom of the post to enter my Powder beauty giveaway.

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That’s right, ASOS do a beauty box! Ok so you might all already know this, I might be telling you something that’s common knowledge, but I was excited and I’m sure anyone who didn’t know this will be too? I am rather grateful to the lovely Sarah from ‘Life In a Break Down’ for helping me get the box as I love it.

The box that I have isn’t available, now, but there’s two other boxes on the site now – They’re not a subscription service, you don’t get a box each month, and I don’t even know how often the new boxes come out, but it’s one of those things I’ll be checking every few weeks in case something as awesome as the one I’ve got comes back up.

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