I’ve meant to do this every month but good intentions and all that. I have been making sure I post daily on Instagram, even when I’ve not been able to do much more, I love that it helps me stay connected to people and gives little updates when I’m not able to write full posts. You can find my Instagram here: https://www.instagram.com/petitmoi_bigworld/

So, with no extra rambling, here’s my Instagram lookback for August 2016.

In August Oliver has come on in leaps and bounds: He’s getting super vocal and can say ‘Dada’ and ‘MA’, he can sit unaided and he’s guzzling down food like tomorrow may never happen. |  Books, as always, have been a big part of the month, expect that on all months, books are always important.  |  And, unfortunately, the health stuff has been a big thing too. I’ve had some half answers but I still have lots of questions and, amazingly, some brand new health stuff has appeared! 
I haven’t been able to crochet as much as I’d like in August but I have enjoyed the bits and bobs that I’ve done.  |  I’ve been trying to remind myself to do things that I love, every day, things for myself and this plaque from my Treat Box helps.  |  Of course August has been a very Ethan centric month, with it still being the Summer Holidays. He’s been able to do some lovely things (mostly with other people) and, overall, has had a good break. 
More book stuff, of course, this necklace, from my Crime on the Pages box, is one of my favourite bookish accessories.  |  In August I’ve started trying to improve my handwriting. I can’t do handwriting for long, due to hand pain, spasms and weakness, but I want what writing I do to be pretty.  |  And this face, again, because whyever not? I can’t believe he’s half way towards 7 months already, he’s a delight. I am a very lucky Mummy, with both of my boys. 
It’s a very quick overview of the month, but I like it. It’s a nice way to show you a few things without going in to big, long, rambley, depths of information. I have managed to get a few posts up, recently, but as always we shall see how that goes. But, as I said, keep up on Instagram if you want to stay in touch, I’m always there. 

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I always love the opportunity to give something back to my readers so when I had the chance to collaborate with some other bloggers to give you the chance to win a really big prize I was really pleased to be able to get involved.
As the weather turns colder, we decided to host a fabulous competition ‘Scorching Summer Giveaway’ to win some much needed Amazon Vouchers.

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I got my Treat Box even before August began, this month, but have only just had the chance to put my fingers to the keyboard and get a post written up for you. Treat Box is, still, one of my favourite subscription boxes out there. For £12.95 a month (or less if you sub for more months at once) you get really cute lifestyle, home and general accessory type items which fit a theme and are likely to make you feel a bit warm and fuzzy inside. A really good investment of my birthday money as it still makes me smile, every month, now. 

This month I opened the box to be greeted with this postcard. I’m not big on motivational quote thingies because a lot of them don’t sit right with me, but there’s something we could all do with aiming for, and that’s our dreams. Alright so we can’t necessarily work to win the lottery, or force ourselves to meet ‘the one’, but it’s worth reminding ourselves what our dreams are and trying to see what little steps we can take towards them – Applying for that new job, writing out a page of the novel in our head, saying hello to someone new or even something as small as teaching yourself how to make the perfect chocolate cake. Dreams are important, don’t forget them. 
This month’s box has a lovely rainbow, dreamy type theme to it and I love it. It’s got a nice mix of home things as well as a few little extras and stationery (always a win for me).
The only thing which won’t show up in a future picture is the mini set of fairy lights, I just couldn’t get them to photograph well, but aren’t they cute and what a fun idea for a box! 
I really love the colours of these three little cards. I think the top two will be used, as intended, as greetings cards but I think I’ll be saving the bottom one to help decorate my new book shelves once they’re up. I’m planning on having pretty cards, flowers, figures etc to make my book shelves look super pretty and this card will fit right in. 
I have no idea what I’ll do with the rainbow patch but I’ll find it a home as I am loving everything rainbow at the moment. 
The notebooks like bent but they’re not, it’s simply the way the packaging is sitting, I love the colour of these and the quote on the front. If there’s one thing I definitely don’t need more of, it’s note books… but in the exact same breath it’s one thing I’m always happy to get more of even though I don’t need them. Stationery addict through and through. 
Continuing the rainbow theme… These little bath bombs, in raninbow shades, are really cute and have chunky glitter in them which will brighten up any bath time. And who doesn’t love rainbow drops? I haven’t had these in years but even just looking at the packet I can remember how they taste, a little bit of childhood right there.
This decorative tile is just beautiful and will definitely have a home in our newly decorated living spaces. It’s another message which is really important to me. When you are ill it’s so easy to spend your day pacing yourself, making sure you don’t overdo it and resting so that you can get the basics done. But it’s important (for healthy, and not) to be able to take some time in every day to do something you love – Take some quiet time with your children, eat something you enjoy, read a chapter of a book or talk to someone who makes you smile. Again, it doesn’t have to be big things, but just things that make every day worthwhile. 
Sometimes I struggle to make time for me, so this little tile will be perfect to keep reminding me. 
As always, I love the box, I love the variety and the quality of the items. I am, already, looking forward to next month’s and can’t wait to see what warm and fuzzy smiles it provokes.

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It feels, a bit, like I mostly share subscription boxes with you at the moment and, I think, that’s because I mostly share subscription boxes with you at the moment! Why? Well I had money left from both Christmas and my 30th Birthday, most people gave me money, and very little I wanted to buy because when you have a baby you become a bit obsessed with buying them stuff but often forget about yourself. As such, investing in some subscription boxes seemed like a good way to treat myself throughout the year as well as having something to blog about when health is bad but I want some easy posts to write – I love sharing boxes with you all and I love seeing sub box posts so I hope you like reading them too.

If this post tempts you to try out a Birchbox sub then don’t forget to use my sign up code which will get us both points to spend in the Birchbox shop (£5 for you and £10 for me): https://www.birchbox.co.uk/invite/m6bv3

Birchbox is the only beauty specific subscription that I’ve kept going because, simply, I had samples on samples on samples, there was just too many samples! I am finding it hard to let go of Birchbox, though, even though I don’t need more samples. They’re one of those companies that, when you consider unsubbing, an amazing box comes out. This month it wasn’t a box, but a bag, a grey neoprene bag with various zip colours (I got the beautiful green/blue which was my favourite!) and it’s my favourite month for a while. I will, genuinely, use every single one of the samples, there isn’t a single one where I am considering putting it in a giveaway or gift box for someone else. 
I really like the bag. When you subscribe to lots of services you do end up with a surfeit of boxes and, so, a bag can be much more handy. We’ve had bags before but this is definitely my favourite because it’s much bigger than previous ones and it’s seriously usable. I like it very much. 
And here’s what I got in the bag. Four brands that I already know in the shape of Anatomicals, Philip Kingsley, Yes To, and Balance Me and two I’ve not tried before in the shape of Merci Handy and Marcelle
The variety of products is good, too – We have body care with the scrub, hair care with the dry shampoo, skincare with the face mask and wipe, makeup with the eye liner and general usefulness with the hand cleaning gel. 
I will, absolutely, use every one of these products. Who doesn’t need hand gel? And this one smells really, really nice which makes a good change from the standard alcohol scent that we normally get. Body scrub, face mask and dry shampoo are pretty self explanatory and they’ll all be suitable for what I use (interested to see what the Philip Kingsley dry shampoo has to offer). The wipe is a nice added bonus and the shade of the eye liner is a beautifully dark purple shade. Very very happy. 
As always I’ll be interested to see what next month has to offer, if you are too then don’t forget you can use my link to sub and get us both some lovely lovely points to spend: https://www.birchbox.co.uk/invite/m6bv3

Did any of you get anything different in your boxes/bag this month? I’d love to know what other variations there was. 

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So often in our lives we come up against forks in our path. We reach a point at which there are two options ahead of us – Sometimes we can chose which path to take, sometimes we have no choice but to see which path has been decided for us. That can be really tough, waiting to find out the answer to something life changing. But what if both options were pretty flipping awful? What if you hope for one option, but also desperately hope that it’s not… and also hope for the other option, but desperately hope not, again?


I’ve never considered this situation before, why would I without having been in it? It’s not something that comes up. But here I am. I’m waiting on some blood tests results, and the tests being positive is bad, and the tests being negative is bad and I genuinely can’t work out which is the lesser of two evils.


The red pill or the yellow pill? Ok so neither of them are anything to do with my current situation, I just thought the imagery was quite apt.
As it happens, I don’t get to pick which pill. I’m just waiting, and waiting, and waiting. It’s been over 5 weeks since my blood tests and I was told 4-6 weeks, and I’m getting impatient, so so impatient.
And for the first time it’s not because I’m desperate to know that my results are all clear. I’m in this weird, very unsettling position of half hoping they’re clear and half hoping they’re not.
My neurologist didn’t dismiss me (yay), he agreed there is, absolutely, something neurological going wrong with my body (boo, but yay for not being ignored!) but he couldn’t be sure what. Many of my symptoms point to a condition called Myasthenia Gravis but I have a few too many symptoms, ones that seem to point to other neurological conditions. As such he thinks I may have something called Functional Neurological Disorder. Neither of these options are great.
Myasthenia is scary, it can sometimes kill people, but it has tablets. It has tablets, and operations and treatments and sometimes people even go in to remission, or sometimes they just help control the condition to make it liveable, and sometimes they don’t help at all but at least there’s hope. But it can kill people. My friend with MG says that she’d rather have MG than FND.
FND has no cure. It just is. The best he could offer me is physio which is all well and good but when I use certain muscle groups they get weaker and weaker until they just, stop, working. I don’t mean they get tired, I mean they stop. My friend with FND says MG is worse.
I’m currently waiting on blood tests results which should show me if I have MG. If I do there’s tablets which might help, but might not, but at least there’s a might. If I don’t have MG then I have FND and there’s no cure. So whilst I lay there, fighting back tears, because I can’t lift my arms, I can’t hope that at least some tablets will help, I’ll just have to live with it.
Both pills are bitter, I don’t want either. Some people might not understand why I am so desperate for these results, every day there’s no letter in the post I want to cry, but maybe when you imagine the above… maybe you will understand?
Sorry for the negativity but I just needed to get all of this out. And maybe some of you will understand and feel a little more uplifted because you’re not alone.
I know I haven’t explained either condition it much detail. Once I have my diagnosis I promise I’ll come back and explain better.

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