Products for review:

Sometimes I am sent items for my consideration for review purposes – I will decide whether or not I want to feature those products and will not feature every item sent; if it turns out not to be suitable for my blog then it won’t be featured. In the instances that I do decide to review and item I will write the subsequent post with total honesty, anything I tell you will be my opinion (Or Ethan and mine if it’s a product for him) and in no way affected by anyone else. I’m not paid for reviewing products, I just want give you, my readers, as good an idea of what the item/product is like, as best as I can. Honesty matters to me above all else be that on my blog or in the rest of my life so I want to review products in a way that gives you my totally honest opinion whether it’s bought by myself or sent to me to consider it for review.Sponsored Posts:

The same goes for sponsored post – From time to time I may feature a sponsored post which means that a company may pay me a fee to share some information with you but I will only share posts that I feel will be of interest to you and that are honest with you. I will always disclose these posts so that you know that they are sponsored.Affiliate links:

From time to time I’ve used Affiliate links via Linkshare and the Amazon affiliate scheme on my blog – These links shouldn’t affect you as a reader, all they mean is that if you follow the link and then, subsequently, make a purchase I will receive a % as a fee. I will never let an affiliate link alter my posts; I will only be positive about something that I genuinely feel positive about, I don’t want to be someone that tries to ‘sell’ you something just to get some money for myself. I pride myself on honesty and it’s of the utmost importance to me that my honesty is equally as high a priority on my blog. If I promote a post or am positive about it then it’s because I like it, never just because I have an affiliate link in it.

This page was last updated on 08/01/2016