2017 Book Challenge

Time for a new book challenge page! If you'd like to see what I read in previous years you can find the pages here:
In 2013 I read 71 books, in 2014 I read 117 books, in 2015 I read 234 and in 2016 I read 72. As you can see each year it has increased but, then, last year I had worse health and the addition of a new baby which meant that my figures dropped massively. I do hope, this year, that I'll manage a few more but I'm not going to over-challenge myself and I've set myself the limit of 75 books. 

Let's see how it goes! 

  1. 'Little Sister' by Lucy Dawson
  2. 'Everything You Told Me' by Lucy Dawson
  3. 'City of the Lost' by Kelley Armstrong
  4. 'Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone' by JK Rowling
  5. 'Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets' by JK Rowling
  6. 'Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban' by JK Rowling
  7. 'Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire' by JK Rowling
  8. 'Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix' by JK Rowling
  9. 'Dead Simple', 'Feel The Fear and Do it Anyway' and 'The Other Side of You' - All from the 2017 collection of Quick Reads, click to find out more. 
  10. 'One False Move', 'A Very Distant Shore' and 'Looking for Captain Poldark' - Quick Reads
  11. 'Quicksand' - Malin Persson Giolito
  12. 'Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince' - JK Rowling
  13. 'Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows' - JK Rowling
  14. 'A Darkness Absolute' - Kelley Armstrong
  15. 'The Escape' by Lynda La Plante, 'Blackout' by Emily Barr, 'Red for Revenge' Fanny Blake (Quick Reads)
  16. 'The Anniversary' by Veronica Henry, 'The Double Clue' by Agatha Christie, 'Too Good to be True' Ann Cleeve (Quick Reads)
  17. 'The Breakdown' - B.A. Paris
  18. 'The 6th Window' - Rachel Abbot
  19. 'Stray' - Rachel Vincent
  20. 'Rogue' - Rachel Vincent
  21. 'Pride' - Rachel Vincent
  22. 'Prey' Rachel Vincent
  23. 'Shift' -  Rachel Vincent
  24. 'Alpha' - Rachel Vincent
  25. 'Lion's Share' - Rachel Vincent
  26. 'Blind Tiger' - Rachel Vincent
  27. 'Maelstrom's Edge: Faith' - Thomas L. Martin
  28. 'My Husband's Son' - Deborah O'Connor
  29. 'The Escape' - CL Taylor
  30. '100 Hours' - Rachel Vincent
  31. 'The Couple Next Door' - Shari Lapena
  32. 'Sometimes I Lie' - Alice Feeney
  33. 'Close To Me' - Amanda Reynolds
  34. 'My Sister and Other Liars' - Ruth Dugdall
  35. 'The Girl Before' - JP Delaney
  36. 'What She Knew' - Gilly Macmillan
  37. 'The One' - John Marrs
  38. 'Brave New Girl' - Rachel Vincent
  39. 'They All Fall Down' - Tammy Cohen
  40. 'Menagerie' - Rachel Vincent
  41. 'Spectacle' - Rachel Vincent
  42. 'Bitten' - Kelley Armstrong
  43. 'Stolen' - Kelley Armstrong
  44. 'Dime Store Magic' - Kelley Armstrong
  45. 'Industrial Magic' - Kelley Armstrong
  46. 'Beneath the Surface' - Sibel Hodge
  47. 'Haunted' - Kelley Armstrong 
  48. 'Broken' - Kelley Armstrong 
  49. 'No Humans Involved' - Kelley Armstrong 
  50. 'Personal Demon' - Kelley Armstrong 
  51. 'Swimming Lessons' - Claire Fuller
  52. 'Living With the Dead' - Kelley Armstrong
  53. 'Frostbitten' - Kelley Armstrong
  54. 'Waking the Witch' - Kelley Armstrong
  55. 'Spellbound' - Kelley Armstrong
  56. '13' - Kelley Armstrong
  57. 'Men of the Otherworld' - Kelley Armstrong
  58. 'Tales of the Otherworld' - Kelley Armstrong
  59. 'Otherworld Nights' - Kelley Armstrong
  60. 'Otherworld Secrets' - Kelley Armstrong
  61. 'Otherworld Chills' - Kelley Armstrong
  62. 'Forsaken' - Kelley Armstrong


  1. Now you've done the Mortal instrument books you've completed the 50 challenge. I guess you have your fave author on this list Jim Butcher?

    Kate | A British Sparkle xx

  2. Love the idea of this! So many amazing sounding books!


    1. Thanks :)

      I've not read much this past few weeks because I've had so much to do but I'll look forward to reading more again soon xx

  3. Hi Laura :) I'm new to your blog and I love this idea! I think I might give this a go next from tomorrow. I used to love reading but I haven't had the time to do it as much anymore, I will definitely make more effort next year.