Alright so I’m pushing the boundaries a little by talking about summer where, if the weather is the same there as it is here, it’s grey and rainy. But hey, if we can’t use beauty to add a little brightness in to our lives, when it’s like this, then when can we?

I was asked to write a sponsored post about a site called JustMyLook , who I’d never heard of before, by showing you the new mini collection which showcases the 2015 S/S Hawaii range from OPI – I love bargain beauty sites and I Love OPI nail polishes so it was a bit of a win win. I’ve been checking out the full range of OPI polishes over on the site and I have to say I am a little tempted, they come in at £8.35 each, with free delivery and there’s a huge range of shades on there (I’m, of course, drawn in by the mauves, dusky shades and the glitters but don’t tell my husband, I’m not allowed more nail polishes, I just gave away a lot).

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Just wanted to share my Nails Inc sale haul with you because I got some Amazing bargains. Sadly a few of the things are out of stock, now, as things took a long while to arrive, but I took a look at the sale earlier and there’s still some pretty amazing bargains to be had, well worth taking a look.

As well as this, due to it being delayed by quite a lot. Nails Inc were kind enough to send a full sized ‘Kensington Caviar – 45 Second Top Coat’ which I think is really good of them, there’s companies out there who’ve had delays but aren’t even apologising. Very very nicely done Nails Inc.

Soo… Ahem… yes. I bought a few nail polishes. In my defence this cost me around £32, and that was including postage (If I’d spent a little more I’d have got free postage but even I know my limits)… so this works out at less than £2 a polish, for Nails Inc! When they’re normally £12 each getting them for £5 each is amazing but less than £2 each is wow (It’d have been about £2 each had I not got the extra top coat free, of course). 
So, I was going to tell you what came in each collection and how much they were but I realised I put two polishes out of order so it’s not going to make sense anyway, plus the collections I got are either OOS or not on there any more. I will suggest you look on the sale page, though, because there’s some equally good collections still available, just slightly different from the ones I got, as well as single polishes for £5 and some other interesting bits and bobs.

Instead of the collections I’ll just tell you what the polishes I have, are, if they are still available in the sale I’ll link to them. So top row L-R we have: ‘Green Park’, ‘Cork Street’, ‘The Southbank’, ‘Oakley Gardens’ and ‘Upper Street’.

On top of the box, L-R, we have, ‘Hampstead Court’ and ‘Chelsea Embankment’.

Down to the bottom row, from L-R ‘Horse Guards Parade’, ‘Draycott Avenue’, ‘A&E Base Coat’, ‘Albert Bridge Top Coat’, ‘Gloucester Walk’, ‘George Street’, ‘Jermyn Street’ (the 45 second top coat in a box) and ‘Kings Road’. 

Soo… yes. I have been doing some makeup clear-out stuff recently, and I have a lot more to do, so these polishes are going to fill in the gaps left by the polishes that I don’t use anymore, or are old etc. And just look how beautiful they are! Very, very in love. I do think Nails Inc is one of my favourite nail polish brands, when I can afford them, and it seems that Christmas Sale time is when I can afford them!

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Not filled with exciting make-up purchases, which my favourite hauls normally are, but a really amazing set of bargains from Superdrug – Allowed me to get some basics for a Really good price and a chance to try out a Whole new range!

I popped on to the Superdrug site a few days ago to check the price of the Herbal Essences ‘Bee Strong – Intensive Mask’ and when I saw that it was down to £1.96 from £3.99  I added it straight to my basket. Superdrug still have free p+p over £10 so I decided to check out some other bits to get.

I keep forgetting to pick up a new L’Oreal ‘3 in 2 Purifying Micellar Solution’ when I’m in town so I checked to see what price that was at and That was on offer too! It was down to £3.32 fom £4.99.

I wasn’t sure what to get for the rest, I’m trying to be sensible and don’t want to order make-up when I know I’ve got bits and bobs to come in my advent calendars so I decided to get the rest of the Bee Strong range as it was All on offer. The Leave in Intensive Cream was down to £1.96 from £3.99 too and both the shampoo and conditioner were down to £1.86 from £3.89 (As you can see they’re massive 400ml bottles) 

Well I’m definitely stocked up on hair care for a while, now, I look forward to seeing what the range is like and letting you all know. Utter, utter bargain, £10.96 for all of that! Hopefully some of you were thinking about getting these things and can benefit from the offer too (I’m posting this only a day or two after my order arrived so the offers will, hopefully, still be live)

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My best friend works at Tesco which can be a blessing and a curse. It often means he tells me bargains on things that I love but, because I’m not close to a store, I can’t get! After he saw my post about my TK Maxx candle saga he let me know that, in Tesco, Glade candles were on offer for £2 each and he offered to get me some and bring them next time he came. 
He told me the scents so I asked for Honey and Chocolate, Blackberry Frost and Spiced Apple  & Cinnamon. He was disappointed as he wanted me to get Spiced Pomegranate as it was the only one that he liked. 
Well here’s my new stash of Glade candles! 
Yup, two more than I asked for! He let me give him £5 for the three I asked for (Would have been 6 but he has staff discount) but he’d also got me the Pomegranate one, because he liked it, and a Blackberry Frost and Cream one because it went on offer after our conversation and he thought I’d like it (The duo type is £3 rather than two, but Very nice, as you can see)

I’d really recommend popping in to Tesco and having a look/sniff of these if you’re a candle fan, like me (They might not be on offer much longer!). I actually think these fragrance the room a little more when they’re not burning but they still make a nice smell when the are. The living room has been smelling divine with these all in there, you’d walk in to the room and be hit with a waft of lovely smell.

Burning Pomegranate first as Chris is here and it’s the one he likes, plus it was my Mum’s favourite of the bunch too. 

Honey and Chocolate and Blackberry Frost are my joint favourites, with Pomegranate being close second and Apple cinnamon being last (why always so much spice and so little apple?!) But, either way, very nice bargain and very festive looking in their glass jars too!

I heard about the new Benefit ‘Nice Package’ kit that was released, recently, a few weeks ago. The basic concept is that you can design your own make-up kit, based on various options, for a set price. The kit is £62 and you get a choice of a base product, an eye product, a cheek product and an extra plus you get a cosmetics bag for it to all go in.
Initially I put this set to the top of my Christmas List as I knew (and checked with the team) that it wasn’t going to be available on the Boots website where I had some points to redeem. But, after it playing on my mind for a week or so, I had a bit of a brainwave – I had already earmarked the £50 worth of reward points on a purchase for myself so, if I spent those points on an essentials order (nappies, wipes etc) I could, in effect, give myself the cash value – Essentially I swapped my boots points for cash (I don’t know if that makes sense to other people but my Mum and Azii understood it so I’m sure you all shall too)

I don’t want the fact that I used points towards this to de-value it, at the end of the day once I converted them in to cash, in the way that I did, I could have spent them on Anything, and I chose this kit. (I also used £5.50 worth of TopCashBack money which I had waiting to be claimed – Again, this was free money but once I claimed it I could have used it on anything, I picked this)

Look how beautifully it was packaged – The tissue paper is such a nice detail. 

I, instantly, fell in love with the bag. I love that style of bag and I love the design plus it’s beautifully well made and clearly a good quality piece. Considering it was a ‘freebie’ in the set I was Very impressed. 
And here are the items I opted for.

For the base product I opted for the ‘Hello Flawless – Oxygen Wow’ foundation in ‘I’m Pure 4 Sure – Ivory’ 
I like a lot of the foundations that I have but I am really eager to try a higher end one so this seemed to be the perfect opportunity – Bought separately this would have cost £25.50.
For the cheek product I went with the box blush in ‘Hervana’ – This was probably the hardest one to pick, for me, because I wasn’t totally sure what to go for. If ‘Rockateur’ had been an option then I’d have chosen that, outright, but with it not being in there I was a little stuck.

As always I went for a good old trawl around the internet and looked at various posts, reviews, swatches in order to settle on a product. It was between the ‘Hoola’ bronzer, this blush and the ‘Dandelion’ highlighting powder. I liked the idea of all of them but, being so fair, I didn’t want to buy a bronzer without seeing it near my own skin and I already have a number of highlighting powders that I love.

And that’s how I come to pick the gorgeous looking blush above. I’m so glad I picked it, even just looking at it you can’t help go ‘ooh’ – This would have cost £23.50 bought alone. 

Being the concealer addict that I am it was a no brainer to pick a concealing product for the eye section. To be honest it was, also, really easy to opt for the ‘Fake Up’ concealer as I was intrigued by it the moment I saw posts on it and, so, it was a natural decision to get it. I got it in the shade ‘Light’ and it retails for £18.50.

This last product was, possibly, the easiest decision yet. I’ve seen various posts and videos where this Creaseless Cream shadow is used so, when I saw it was an option, it was a ‘this will be mine’ moment which is why I, now, have ‘Birthday Suit’.

I have some of the older packaged creaseless creams and I really like them but I absolutely Love the new packaging – It’s so striking, it’s eye catching and absolutely gorgeous. Plus if you want to go for practicality it has that too – It’s best to store cream shadows upside down and this new packaging does that for you due to the way the jar has been made – Pretty and practical, I like it. These shadows retail at £15.50.

I know there’s no swatches but the light was pretty horrid when the set arrived – I shall endeavour to do some swatch posts in the future, or some posts with them being worn. Either way I shall remedy that issue!

All in all, I’m sure you’ll agree, this was a massive bargain. Individually the items would have cost £83 so, even without the added extra of the bag, you’re making a £21 saving. If I hadn’t managed to magic the cash out of various saved up resources then I’d have happily waited to get my hands on this for Christmas as I think it’s an amazing set and a fantastic way to get to know a brand as exciting as Benefit, or stock up on your favourites if you’re already more familiar with them – I anticipate being on the wish lists of beauty junkies everywhere!