I haven’t shared a haul post in a bit, I used to post them quite regularly but I don’t buy as often, now, and I just don’t want to post them all of the time anyway. As such, I decided to do a collaborative haul for May, some bits I’ve picked up throughout the month – It’s all been bought with 3-for2’s or other money off deals as I am far too strict on myself to buy things at full price, haha, so lots of bargains too.

I picked up three Barry M nail paints in Superdrug during a shopping trip and this gorgeous, special which was released to celebrate 50 years of Superdrug was the first in to my basket; I just love polishes that make a jelly sandwhich look and was itching to see what this looked like on the nails. 

The other reason I was in Superdrug was to try and get some of the new Gelly Hi Shine shades but most of them were sold out! Thankfully one of my favourites was still available so this dusky blue/grey shade, ‘Elderberry’ became mine. 

I needed a third shade to complete my 3-for-2 and I’ve lusted after this metallic looking ‘Teal’ shade for a while so it finally joined my collection!
I’ve got  couple of Superdrug online orders, too, the free postage over £10 gets me a lot! As such this was two orders and the extra Makeup Revolution bits at the end were bought to top one order up to the £10 threshold, And they were three for two, arg bargains galore.

Anyway, as you can see above, I was far too tempted by the ‘Disappear Till Tomorrow’ palette by Makeup Revolution after getting their ‘Make Believe’ one in my Dream Box. For four pounds you can’t go wrong with this (You can see this swatched, yesterday, HERE)

Trying to improve my fingers for nail pictures so I’m going to try out the Sally Hansen ‘Gel Cuticle Remover’ – I’ve heard good things about this so I am hoping it works for me too.

I’ve managed to maintain my nails quite well, recently, so to try and keep that going I thought I’d try the Sally Hansen ‘Maximum Strength’ as strength is something that my nails Definitely lack.

Summer is coming so coral/orange lips are very much on the horizon for me – This pretty lipgloss will happily take a place amongst those for warmer days. 

I love love love the Makup Revolution ‘Pure Pigments’ so they were an obvious choice to boost up the order. This shade is called ‘Affluent’ and it’s just a bit beautiful. I’m going to try and put together a swatch post of the five of these that I have, soon. 

Lastly, for the Superdrug items, is another of the pigments. This pinky toned one is called ‘Confront’ and it’s really rather pretty.
I had to do a Boots order to get nappies and the likes and also to try and get myself an essential, in the form of a facial SPF product. Now I could’ve saved money and got something with mediocre reviews for £6 but when I found the La Roche-Posay ‘Anthelion XL – Untra-Light Fluid 50+’ down to £11 I thought it could well be worth the extra £5. I can’t tell you, yet, how I find it as it’s been cold and icky ever since I ordered it. Of course.

I had some money off and I also needed to top the order up a little to get free postage so a 3-for-2 Max Factor deal caught my attention. I actually paid very little for this trio when you count the money off, extra boots points, 3-for-2 and the fact that I was about £6 away from free postage (postage would have cost £4)… Ok, yes, I’m making justifications but that’s me, ’tis what I do.

I decided to get some Max Factor items as it’s a brand I’ve really not tried too much of. The first item is the one above, the ‘Miracle Touch – Creamy Blush’ in ‘Soft Candy’ – A beautiful warm orange/red shade with a sheer consistency.

I’ve been trying to get more proficient with eyeliner recently so I decided to see what an offering from Max Factor would be like. I picked the ‘Masterpiece Glide & Define – Liquid Eyeliner’ in Black/Brown as I enjoy a brown eye liner from time-to-time.

Lastly I picked up this ‘Xperience – Sheer Gloss Balm’ in ‘Coral’. I’m a sucker for balmy lip products so that’s the motivation with this one, I knew when I ordered it that the name coral wasn’t very accurate as it seemed more pink, as you can see from the end, but it’s a nice shade none the less. I’ll try to get a worn swatch of this soon I think.

So there you go – A rather nice bundle of goodies and a whole lot of savings made – I may’ve got a lot of items there but I really didn’t spend much money for them, oh I do love it when that happens! Obviously the La Roche-Posay is the expensive buy but  I class that as an essential, really.

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Just a couple of quick things, really. I thought about doing these separately but, considering the Garnier things aren’t on offer any more, it seemed a bit daft to give it its whole post.

My best mate works for Tesco and, after Christmas, there was a few items that went down to bargain prices (it’s a tiny tesco so it’s not often that they have this sort of item) – Some of the things included these two Garnier  sets – I think he said that one of them was, previously £18 and the other £15 but they went down to £2.50 and £3.50! He quickly put one of each aside for me and once he’d checked that I wanted them he bought them with his staff discount so we’re looking at £5.40 for four, full sized Garnier items! Yup, very pleased with this bargain! It’s not on any more but always worth keeping an eye out at supermarkets (and befriending people who work there, haha!) 

Another plus side of him working in Tesco, sometimes the wrong thing gets sent in and this gift bag was one of them, he saw it and instantly thought about getting it for me – And Chris being Chris, having a bag meant that he needed to get things to put in it… hence the early Birthday present. 

He asked me to give him a little wishlist from Boots that he could pick a few bits from but he, of course, bought everything! (Chris has been an incredibly generous friend for the entirety of our friendship) – He also picked up a few other bits and bobs that he knew I’d like (and was very quick to let me know that they were bargains too!)

So, beauty wise, I’ve got the Seventeen ‘Gel Colour’ polish in ‘Black Cat’ (It looked grey on the Boots site but I quite need a good black polish so it works out nicely), Seventeen’s ‘Mirror Shine Lipstick’ in ‘Roasted Red’, Essie’s ‘Eternal Optimist’ and two Barry M items the matte polish in ‘Nude Vanilla’ and one of the nail art pens in black.

The extras he got me are some Guylain chocs (he knows these are a favourite) and a posh chocolate penguin – Lastly there’s an uber awesome Dr Who note pad which caters to my love of Dr Who And of note pads!!

It’s over a month before my birthday but I’ve already been rather spoiled – Lucky girl; I have a really rather awesome best friend, I think you’ll agree.

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I don’t know why I haven’t tried these together before but I just love these two polishes together!

The metallic rose gold of Essie’s ‘Penny Talks’  is fantastic for a polished, sleek look but add in an accent nail of Barry M’s ‘Dutchess’ from their Royal Glitter collection and you’ve got a sudden addition of sparkle, glitz and texture – I really like the way these work together – It’s not in your face but also not totally subtle either, it’s in between – Either way it’s stunning and would be great for a multitude of occasions!

I have a few products which work quite nicely for the Autumnal season but I definitely felt like there was a couple of spaces left for a few new bits and bobs – Mostly nail polish and some subtler autumnal lip colours. I do like bold lipsticks and glosses but, more recently, I’ve been much happier with more subtle, more sheer and generally less in your face lip looks so I definitely wanted to get a couple of things which would make that achievable during the change in seasons. 
Firstly I bought the Seventeen Mirror Shine lipstick in ‘Plum Perfect’ – I bought this because, in Superdrug, I had been swatching various subtler plummy lipsticks and I settled on an NYC one only to discover that it was out of stock! So when I went to Boots the search continued – I love the mirror shine lipsticks and their sheer formulas seemed the perfect way to get the sort of look I was going for.

As you can see this is, quite simply, a sheer plum colour. It’s got a bit of shimmer in it but you don’t really notice it on the lips either in feel or appearance – It’s just nice; autumnal without being vampy (Don’t get me wrong, I love vampy but it’s just not what I’m going for at the moment). 

This is the lipstick that I fell in love with in Superdrug but discovered to be out of stock – NYC Expert Last lip colour in ‘Sugar Plum’. Thankfully Superdrug have a free p+p offer on at the moment so I was able to get my hands on it nice and easily.  

As you can see this is less sheer than the Seventeen one but it’s similar in shade – Neither of them are very purpley plums but they still have that plummy tone to them whilst having a warm hint of red too. I think they’re both gorgeous autumn colours if you want to keep things nice and simple. 

I’ve had my eye on these NYC Foil Explosion nail polishes for a while as they just look so pretty and this one in the shade Pure Air just seems perfect for Autumn with its warm orange tones which shout ‘autumn leaves’ at me. 

As many of us have, I spent a lot of the summer obsessing over the Barry M Hi shine nail polishes so I thought I needed to get at least one (will clearly need more) that are more autumn/winter friendly. Being obsessed with the colour purple ‘Plum’ was the absolutely obvious choice!

This one isn’t a particularly autumnal shade but I love it so much that I want to share how pretty it is! This is Barry M limited edition glitter polish in the shade ‘Gold Rush’ – It’s got gorgeous strands of rose gold and gold glitter in, love it.

When I saw Barry M post about this on their facebook page I just Had to get my hands on it. I have lots of shades of purple but this shade ‘Berry Cosmo’ looked soo beautiful in their photograph of it! I’ve not tried this one yet but I just love that berry shade of purple, yay.
I’ve wanted to get my hands on the Sleek blush in ‘Rose Gold’ for soo long. I know it doesn’t automatically scream autumn being a peachy coral shade but it depends how you wear it. The gold shimmer in it makes it such a nice, warm shade that dusted lightly on the cheeks, with the right look, it adds such a gorgeous warm glow.

Obviously dusted rather a lot lighter than in this swatch haha!

All in all I am feeling stocked up and ready for the cooler seasons – My lovely new shades of make-up (not to forget my previously getting Sleek’s ‘Vintage romance’ collection!) plus some warmer jumpers and some new gloves and I’m raring to go.

More recently I’ve been doing lots of block colour looks with an accent nail on each hand – One of my favourite glitters is Barry M’s ‘Amethyst’ and I’ve tried it on top of various polishes but this combination is one of my favourites. 
Please excuse the odd imperfection in my polish, I seem to have forgotten how to paint my nails properly ever since my two weeks off. 

I just like how the pink, purple, gold and blues of this glitter sit upon a bright shade like ‘Greenberry’