I signed up to ‘Powder’ as I was given a money off code which made my first box half price and I was intrigued by a box that seemed to have an awful lot to offer. I’ve had many conversations with friends about how we’re over saturated with beauty boxes but what we don’t have a lot of is boxes that cost a little more and are a bit more premium (such as Glossybox in the US and Boxycharm over in the US too) – I know we do have some options for this type of box but we seem to have a lot more of the £10 boxes with tiny samples.

Powder Box, though, is a little more expensive (£15 plus postage or less if you sub for longer) but offers more full sized and some really premium brands along side some more affordable ones and that’s the sort of box I feel like I’ve been looking for. It’s also worth keeping an eye out for offers, as I said I got this box half price and they’ve recently been found on Groupon too.

I’m not entirely sure why but my first box, despite signing up in August, was the June box. I was told that because it’s my first box this is standard, I’m not sure if it’s because it was a half price box or if it’s just the way the system works. Thankfully the June box was pretty good so I don’t mind at all. I already have my September box and look forward to showing you that too. Anyway, on to the box!

The products came in a really large, drawer style, matte effect pink box. I keep a lot of old beauty boxes but I feel like these are some of the better quality that I’ve had and I definitely want to keep hold of them for storage ideas one we have our bedroom sorted out.

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I don’t know if you saw my post, last month, for the December ‘Look Incredible‘ box (if not, you can check it out here) but if you did, you’ll know why I was so excited to be sent the January box to take a look at. I knew, instantly, once I saw it, that I’d have to share this one with you, too, as my goodness it’s as full of exciting brands as last month’s was! 

The box sells for £18.99, on the Look Incredible (new name!) site, which is more than some of your more standard boxes, but when you consider that you’re getting premium brands and all full sizes, I expect you’ll understand the sightly higher price tag. I’m not going to do any more rambling because I’m tired and you probably just want to know what’s in the box! (I will apologise for a lack of swatches, this month, taking pictures was so painful that swatches had to go by the way side, but I think the products speak for themselves). 

You would be correct in thinking that there’s two Bare Minerals products, a Laura Geller Product, an Essie product and a YSL product in this picture… just take a moment to consider, all of this for £18.99. 
This month’s box is, again, predominantly makeup which is something you’ll never hear me complaining about. The first item is the Bare Minerals ‘Flawless’ mascara which is one I’ve not heard of before but am happy to add to my collection. I’ve been good and not opened it yet as I have so many mascaras on the go at the moment that I just don’t want to open another one and have to start using that one too. Mascara is always handy to get in a box, though, as almost everyone uses it and when it’s from a brand like Bare Minerals you’re definitely getting a more luxury product too. 
The second Bare Minerals product is this ‘Redness Remedy’ which is what was in the box. I class this, almost, as two products as it comes with the lovely brush which you can, of course, use with any products you so wish. 
The Redness Remedy claims to do exactly what the title suggests – It’s said to reduce redness on contact but also to continue doing so over longer term usage. I’m rather intrigued by this product, as my skin ages I get more broken capillaries and uneven skin tone so this is, exactly, the sort of thing that I need. I’m rather interested to try this out and see if it helps balance out my skin tone as well as brightening it. And I also really love the brush, it feels like an amazing quality and is so soft! 
Back to the makeup and we have an Essie polish in the shade ‘Steel-ing the Scene’. Now I love Essie polishes and, equally so, I love muted gold shades and that’s exactly what this one is. It’s definitely a gold but it’s not a bright, yellowy gold, it’s more muted. I really, really like this shade and cannot wait to get it on my nails. I, also, think it’s the sort of shade where it’d suit a lot of people rather than there being a crazy colour in the box that only some people will like – A good choice. 
I don’t own much in the way of Laura Geller makeup, in fact I think everything I have owned has been from subscription boxes, so to get a blush in this box was rather a nice surprise. The blush is called ‘Mauve Mocha Latte’ which, I think, is a rather fitting name. 

The pinky tones, in this, didn’t really want to show up too well in photographs but I think you have a good idea of how it looks. It’s a lovely mauve but probably a little more on the brown side. I think it’ll make for a gorgeous, flushed, winter look or, for some, it might be good for more of a matte bronzer shade (very much depending on your skin tone). I like the added detail of the coffee beans embossed on the top, though couldn’t tell you why that appeals (I’m just easily pleased, it seems!) 
I think this was probably the thing in the box that excited me the most simply because I’ve never owned an Yves Saint Laurent product before and, well, that’s a pretty exciting thing to get for the first time! 

I remember having seen these around, before, but if you haven’t then this is one of the ‘Lip Twins’ – Basically you twist one end of the pretty, pretty tube and the mirror moves away and you get a satin lip product, you twist again and get a super sheer shine product. 
Neither of them is very pigmented, they’re more like a tinted balm, but they’re rather lovely shades and I think the idea is that you put one over the top of the other but I think the satin product would be nice as a very subtle hint of colour, on its own, and the shine product would go nicely over a number of things. 
Sorry for the weird angle, the thing kept rolling away. This is the nice, neutral, mauve shade. I really like it, it’s very very subtle but for something easy to wear it’s really nice. 

And the purple shimmery/shine shade is a whole lot less scary than it looks, honestly. It’s very very sheer and just adds a slight hint of colour and a nice amount of shine. 
And that’s the box. For the price, and the range of brands included, I’m sure you’ll agree it’s rather an amazing offer and an amazing box! 

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This post contains PR samples – Please see disclaimer here

You may’ve noticed that I haven’t posted as many unboxings, recently. Firstly I’ve cut down on what I’ve been getting, quite considerably, and secondly the boxes I Have been getting haven’t filled me with the desire to write about them, until the May Birchbox arrived! This has been a really redeeming box, for me, so I’m really pleased as I was feeling rather disenchanted. 

If this box re-lights the spark for you, too, and you decide to subscribe then don’t forget to use my referral link and we’ll both get £5 worth of points to spend in the Birchbox shop: https://www.birchbox.co.uk/invite/m6bv3

If you use Facebook, or other social media, you may already have seen that this month’s Birchbox, box, is a little bit special. The theme is ‘Free Your Mind’ and the box is a colouring in box! Now, as a fan of colouring in Anyway, this was amazing to me. I’ve been having a big clear out of lots of empty beauty boxes but this one is Definitely going to be in my keep pile.

The box was, also, sent with a little box of crayons which I thought was a lovely touch. They’re not the softest crayons ever so they do scratch a little but I love the subtle colours. I may need to break my crayon stash out to finish it off, though.

In all honesty I have no idea how Anything other than the box fits with the ‘Free Your Mind’ theme but I really am not bothered about that. The products are, definitely, the sorts of things I enjoy, though, and fit nicely for the upcoming spring-like weather that’ll hopefully come back after all the gloom we’ve had recently.

Birchbox seem to have changed back to using a little magazine/booklet style leaflet rather than the stack of cards that they previously had – I liked both formats but I do like the abridged version that we seem to have now – Even the list of products is inside the booklet rather than on a separate card.

The smallest sample, first which is listed as an ‘Extra beauty bonus’ – This sachet of ‘Reconstructing Masque’ from Number 4 is a nice extra to get. It says you apply after shampoo and leave it in for 2-5 minutes; it’s supposed to moisturise the hair with shea butter as well as sunflower seed and jojoba seed oils. Although it’s a sachet it’s got 7.5ml of product in (which a lot of little tubes do, too), this should work as one treatment for normal hair and maybe two for my super short hair. 

Next up we have this 22ml tube of Whish body butter in an almond scent. We’ve had this brand in beauty boxes, before, but it’s always been lavender and (although it’s smelled ok) lavender isn’t a big scent for me. Almond on the other hand? I Love. I’ve given this a smell and it’s only got a subtle scent (which you’d expect for almond) which is sweet and delicious smelling. 22ml isn’t a bad size and should get a few uses; I applied it to the back of my hand ages ago and it Still feels lovely and soft. 

A full sized product, next, (though the leaflet doesn’t say full sized but the Jelly Pong Pong website does) we have the Jelly Pong Pong ‘Carribean Sun’ bronzer duo in the lightest shade ‘Martinique’. I’m so pleased I got the palest shade as dark bronzers are totally pointless to me. I like Jelly Pong Pong but have never fallen in love with any of their products but I feel like this one might be the first one that I fall for. 

I, absolutely, love this little duo – The bronzer is plenty pale enough for my pasty skin and the shimmery blush is just beautiful. It might be a bit too shimmery, for some, but for the summer I can see myself using this and not needing to use a highlighter. This full sized product is worth £15.95. 

This is the other full sized product in the box. I believe we had an option to pick what we’d get in the box, a little while ago but I must have missed the email; I only saw it when Birchbox said that new subscribers could pick, but it was too late for current subs. So, if you do decide to sign up (don’t forget to use my link) see if you can pick your sample for this brand). 
Boxes, this month, will either have press on nails, a nail art pen or a nail polish by Wah London – I’d have preferred a nail polish but the nail art pen would’ve been my second choice. Not sure if I’ll have use for this as I Think I have a pink one, in a similar shade, by Barry M, from a previous box and two seems a bit excessive. This could be a nice gift to add to a giveaway, though, and if I didn’t already have the shade then I’d be really happy with this. This is worth £7 and it’s the shade ’04 Baby Pink’ – I’ve had a look at some of the nail polishes in their brand and there’s some gorgeous shades, definitely a brand to check out some time. 

Next up we have a Parlour by Jess Chastain ‘Moisturising Sea Salt Spray’ – I like sea salt sprays for texture but, as you’d expect, they’re often really drying so the idea of a moisturising one is rather intriguing. The bottle is a 30ml sample so that’s going to last you a good while and I’m really looking forward to giving this one a go (It smells lovely too). 

Lastly is a sample that really caught my eye – I love Caudalie and I’ve never tried their tinted moisturiser so this one is a real winner for me. I was relieved to see that it’s arrived in the shade ’01 Light’ and I’ve tried it on the back of my hand and it Seems to be a decent match. The only disappointment was that the tube looked really rather big but only has 15ml in it (it’s only double the size of the sachet sample) and there’s a Lot of air in there. 15ml is fine but it just looks So much bigger which seems rather silly. Regardless, I’m definitely looking forward to giving this one a go. 
So, yes, the box is a real winner for me this month. Aside from the fact that the shade of the nail art pen might not be quite right for me, I love everything in the box and they’re all items I’d have picked had I been given the choice. If you love the box, too, and want a nice colour in as well, then don’t forget to use my referral link as it’ll get you £5 worth of points in the Birchbox shop, as well as the same for me – https://www.birchbox.co.uk/invite/m6bv3
Nicely done, Birchbox, I’m going to keep my sub at least one more month, now, and we’ll see how next month does (the sneak peak at the floral box and the hint at another collab box is intriguing to say the least!)

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I’ve not  been posting about my beauty boxes as much, recently, because I’ve cut down but also I’ve been a little less inspired by them. I do want to get back in to the habit, though, so I’m writing up my Glossybox for this month. 

The theme for the April box is ‘The Iconic Edit’ and on the side of the box it says ‘Iconic Hollywood Edition’ so it had promise of a really special box. Some people have been fussy about the design of the box as it’s sparse… I think it’s beautiful and I quite love having a design just to the side, it’s stylish and really rather stunning. 
And here’s what I got in my box. I’ve seen some rather negative responses to the box and I have to say I rather like mine but I Do see why some people were a little non-plussed. A lot of people aren’t too pleased with getting nail polishes and I am in the same group that gets Far too many eye liners in boxes. But see below for why I Do like my box. 

These ‘Bath Pearls’ in a ‘Cherry Blossom’ scent from Nougat London are my least favourite item from the box but I am pleasantly surprised by the smell. When I opened the box I instantly smelled these and assumed there was something fragranced in there – It’s very floral but it’s a nice floral. I’m not sure how I’ll get much use for these, my baths Have to be practical as we don’t have a working shower and baths take a lot of time and effort for me, so I can’t have ones just for relaxing, sadly. That said, they smell delightful so I may see if I can get away with adding them after all the practical stuff is done. As well as smelling nice these are meant to leave the skin with a beautiful, soft shimmer which is a lovely idea if you’re going to use them for before a party – I can see why these fit in with the box as they’re a lovely, luxury thing. These are a full sized, 35g, bag which is worth £6.

Next up we have the dreaded eye liner. Ok so I am a bit fed up of eye liners in beauty boxes But… Well I’ve wanted to try an item by POP Beauty for ages so I’m actually happier than I normally would be to have got this. There’s a photo little bit below which shows the liner swatched; it’s nice and easy to apply and the smudger on the end is good for smoking out if that’s the sort of look you go for. I can see why a black liner fits in this box as it’s a big part of the iconic black winged liner that is associated with Hollywood starlets. The eye liner is full sized and is worth £6. 

The Lord & Berry pencil was last month’s sneak peak item (which I think they’ve stopped doing, yay!) and, despite not liking sneak peaks, this was something I was looking forward to. I’ve tried a number of Lord & Berry products but it’s the pencils I’ve heard most about, but I’ve never got around to buying one. The pencils are smaller than I thought but they’re still a good size that’d give plenty of uses – This is a full sized pencil worth £10. The shade that comes in the box is ‘Kiss’ (I think) and it’s a bright red, with a strong hit of orange, which makes it a good spring/summer colour as well as being a great ‘starlet red’. 
As you can see, the finish is matte, and it does have a strong orange tone to it, but it’d easily be made glossier with a clear or red gloss and it glides on to the lips beautifully.

You can, also, see a swatch of the eyeliner, above, nice and black, easily applied.

I know there are some people who aren’t too fond of nail polishes in beauty boxes but I’m not one of them, I love getting nail polishes in beauty boxes – But that might be because I’m a polish addict and also very easy to please, I love most shades. If you want to make sure I’m happy with a nail polish in a box then making it Color Club is a very good idea, I love this brand! 
I, quite possibly, already have a shade like this but, hopefully it’ll be different enough to justify. If not then the other brand will go straight in my box of polishes to go to my sister, Color Club trumps most brands. As well as being a great brand, it’s a full sized polish, which is worth £4.10 (I was sure these were worth more than that, but they’re not that affordable in the uk) The shade, ‘Barely There’,  is a nice nude and should suit a lot of skin tones and would work for a dressed up look or a casual one – Very happy. 

Darphin is one of those brands that I’ve wanted to try for ages but, again,  never have done (they’re a bit out of my budget). This ‘Exquisage Beauty Revealing Cream’ is a new release and is a cream that’s supposed to replenish skin, enhance firmness and boost luminosity. It comes in a lovely little 5ml tub and is rather beautifully packaged, the tub is a lovely green and the box has a lovely sheen to it; you can tell this is a high quality brand. The full size of this is 50ml and is worth £65, making this wee sample worth £6.50. 
There was four colours available, this month, they all had the same lid but the bottom half of the box could’ve been peach, pastel blue, mint green or a pale yellow. I’m glad I got the peach as it looks just beautiful – Glossybox did a great job of co-ordinating the colours, too, as the tissue paper had the Glossybox writing in a peach colour, too, and the ribbon was peach as well. It’s a lovely little detail even if not too important.

I know some weren’t too pleased with the box but I like that there was some higher end brands and some more affordable – The box is worth over £30 – I know some expect super high values but as long as mine is worth more than I paid then I’m happy (easily pleased I know). Add this to the fact that four out of five of the items are full sized, and they fit nicely with the theme. Well I’m happy with mine.

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First things first, I don’t have the April Cohorted box pre-ordered, booo! I am rather sad about this, I knew which day the pre-order was going live but assumed it was going to be the evening, like the previous month, but it was the morning! So  you won’t be seeing an April box from me – Why am I So sad about this? Well the March box is Awesome!

 The little leaflet with the products on is on a shiny paper, this time, which has a rather high quality feel about it – The image on this side is beautiful and really fits in with the image that, it feels, Cohorted are trying to make for the box.

As well as the changes to the leaflet, there’s also a nice addition to the box for this month – Ok so the box, itself, isn’t massively important but a lot of people keep empty boxes for storage and the addition of a beautiful ribbon to secure the box, this month, definitely goes towards making this a much more appealing box, especially from a storage point of view.
And here’s what was in the box! I liked the February box but a lot of people weren’t too sure about it (my post is here) but I think it’s safe to say that most people will be pleased by the selection of brands in this month’s box! Full sized Too Faced, full sized Sleek and full sized bareMinerals plus a sample size of Urban Decay… goodness me. I think This is what people were hoping for when they knew Cohorted were going to make a box.
The highest value item in the box, and from a brand I’ve never tried before, is this ‘Pure Transformation Night Treatment’ by bareMinerals. It’s worth £45 which is worth over double the cost of the box, straight away, which makes it a very impressive addition. I’m going to be honest, here, I referred to this as weird earlier… why? Well it’s a night product that comes in shades! I got it in the shade ‘light’ (would be interested to see if other people got other shades or not), there’s 4 in total, a transparent one (which might have made sense to go in a box for people with all different complexions) and light, medium and tan.

Essentially this is a product that you put on, at night, that’s meant to replenish the skin as you sleep, it’s meant to refine pores and make skin more radiant. I, really, don’t know why you need colour to do that but I’m really intrigued to find out. I’ve read some great reviews on this, just scanning the interwebs, and I’m very very interested in how my skin will like it – It’s such an exciting, and different product to get in a box, impressed Cohorted, very impressed.

This palette, actually, looks black but with a copper/golden sheen but the light just meant that it wanted to show up as its metallic counterpart in photographs – It does look rather beautiful, though.
The ‘Precious Metals Highlighting Palette’ is worth £9.99, so is another great addition to the box. 

There’s four shades in the palette, three cream highlighters and one powder; I really love cream highlighters so it’s perfect for me. I’ve not swatched them yet but can’t wait to play with them, they look so so pretty and I’m a huge fan of Sleek so always happy to add another of their items to my collection.
I couldn’t believe it when I saw Too Faced along side the other brands you’ve already seen; wow, simply wow! I was really pleased to see that the item was an eye shadow, too, as I love Too Faced shadows but don’t have many. 

This ‘Exotic Color Intense Eye Shadow’ is in the shade ‘Copper Peony’, it’s a beautiful. bright copper shade that’s warm but I think is passable as a shade for cooler skin tones, too, yay. 

I really love the shade and was so pleased to see it was so beautiful, with boxes you often end up getting something really obscure so it’s really nice to know that it’s such a wearable shade that so many people will like. This is worth £15.
Lastly we have a sample of Urban Decay‘s ‘Perversion’ mascara – Again, wow. Urban Decay! The mascara is supposed to be volumising as well as something that defines every lash which sounds like exactly the sort of mascara I like. I’ve never tried an Urban Decay mascara before so am really pleased that I’ll be able to try this one. As far as samples go, this one is really impressive – The packaging is amazing, just like a miniature of the full sized rather than something just thrown together for a sample, it’ll also give us plenty of uses to decide as to whether or not we like it.

I’m amazed by this month’s box – So many amazing brands, with three of them being full sized, I definitely am not complaining about the prevalence of makeup items, too, as that’d always be my preference from boxes as I’m a total makeup junkie. I am interested to see what the April box is like and will be keeping an eye out for the May box as I am hoping I’ll be able to grab one in time!

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