I think you’ll be hard pressed not to notice that it’s World Book day, today, there are children in costumes, photos of them with their favourite books and posts all over the internet about the best costumes to send them to school in (There’s some amazing ones out there), it’s everywhere! One thing I didn’t know, though, is that it’s the 20th anniversary of World Book Day which is really fantastic to think about, that so many people, over so many years, have been inspired to pick up, and enjoy, books.

When I was approached by Scholastic to feature a couple of their books for World Book day it was an instant yes. We love books, and by we I mean all of us. I expect you already know I’m a huge book lover but most of my family is and both of the boys already are too (yes, even the 1 year old).

Scholastic have a special, World Book Day 2017, Book Club (which runs until the 5th May) which has a fantastic selection of books in it. Including those for the littlest in your family up to books for your tweens and it includes so many recognisable characters, such as Wimpy Kid,  and well known authors, like David Walliams, that there’s bound to be a book for everyone.

The best thing is is that you can use your £1 World Book Day voucher online (throughout the book club), so even if you can’t get to a book shop or an in person book club event then you can still use your voucher! I’m looking forward to helping Ethan pick out another book (or two) when he’s home to use his voucher on.
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I love books. If you know me you already know that and if you don’t know me but have seen my blog or social media then you probably already know that too. Books are my main form of entertainment, of escapism and of relaxation, they are just a massively important part of my life.

Not everyone feels that way about books, though, and that’s fine, we don’t enjoy the same things. But sometimes people have things that stop them from reading even if they want to – Maybe they have health issues that prevent concentration, maybe they don’t have the time, maybe they don’t know what type of book they enjoy or maybe they find a long book a bit much to get started with.

And there’s where the ‘Quick Reads’ concept steps in. Every year they commission well-known authors to write short books and they release them for £1 (though sometimes they’ve even cheaper!) and you can get them in paper form or e-book. There’s 6 books, per year, and they make a great starting point for a new reader, or for the person with a busy schedule and only a few minutes to give to reading, or even just for someone who loves books but wants something short and sweet to keep them going.

I love the idea of Quick Reads, and what it stands for, so I was thrilled to be offered the chance to read them all this year. I was, also, accidentally, sent two sets so I also have a full set to send to one of you in a giveaway! (see the end of the post for how to enter)
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Another year, another book challenge. Thanks to one of my lovely friends I have been setting myself book challenges for many years, now, and it’s been encouraging me to read more than I ever used to (and I’ve always been a big reader). Before my health got even worse, and before there was an Oliver, I was reading hundreds of books a year, but that’s reduced somewhat now.

Still, I am continuing with these challenges because I like to feel that sense of achievement and I just love books. It’s one of the few things I can do on the bad days, maybe not the worst days but the bad ones, and it’s something that can, sometimes, distract from some of the harder things in life.

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I’ve meant to do this every month but good intentions and all that. I have been making sure I post daily on Instagram, even when I’ve not been able to do much more, I love that it helps me stay connected to people and gives little updates when I’m not able to write full posts. You can find my Instagram here: https://www.instagram.com/petitmoi_bigworld/

So, with no extra rambling, here’s my Instagram lookback for August 2016.

In August Oliver has come on in leaps and bounds: He’s getting super vocal and can say ‘Dada’ and ‘MA’, he can sit unaided and he’s guzzling down food like tomorrow may never happen. |  Books, as always, have been a big part of the month, expect that on all months, books are always important.  |  And, unfortunately, the health stuff has been a big thing too. I’ve had some half answers but I still have lots of questions and, amazingly, some brand new health stuff has appeared! 
I haven’t been able to crochet as much as I’d like in August but I have enjoyed the bits and bobs that I’ve done.  |  I’ve been trying to remind myself to do things that I love, every day, things for myself and this plaque from my Treat Box helps.  |  Of course August has been a very Ethan centric month, with it still being the Summer Holidays. He’s been able to do some lovely things (mostly with other people) and, overall, has had a good break. 
More book stuff, of course, this necklace, from my Crime on the Pages box, is one of my favourite bookish accessories.  |  In August I’ve started trying to improve my handwriting. I can’t do handwriting for long, due to hand pain, spasms and weakness, but I want what writing I do to be pretty.  |  And this face, again, because whyever not? I can’t believe he’s half way towards 7 months already, he’s a delight. I am a very lucky Mummy, with both of my boys. 
It’s a very quick overview of the month, but I like it. It’s a nice way to show you a few things without going in to big, long, rambley, depths of information. I have managed to get a few posts up, recently, but as always we shall see how that goes. But, as I said, keep up on Instagram if you want to stay in touch, I’m always there. 

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This is both a happy and a sad post to be able to share with you. Happy because it shows you what I got in my August ‘Crime on the Pages’ subscription box but sad because September is going to be the last month. I can’t give you my ambassador code to sign up as subscription sign up is closed. 

I did want to share with you what I got, though, as I think you’d be interested to see the awesome things included and, hopefully, one day, they’ll come back bigger and better and this blog post will be here for someone to search for to see what they’re like. I would, ordinarily, have done the post mid August but with knowing that people wouldn’t be able to sign up from my post, added to the fact that I have a chest infection, things got a bit delayed.

Even just the way that everything is wrapped and packaged gives you insight in to the amount of care, and dedication has been put in to these boxes. 

And here’s what was inside. Amazingly there was two books, again, along with two cute book marks, a necklace and a post card. 
The main book is Alex Clare’s ‘He’s Gone’ – This is an author I’ve never heard of before but the book is very intriguing so I was really pleased to get it in the box. 
The second book is a classic that I, also, haven’t read, in the form of Ethan Lina White’s ‘Some Must Watch’. I really like the idea of including a classic book, along side a modern one, as it seems like a really interesting way to read more deeply in to crime literature. 
I flipping love this post card and it’s going to have pride of place on my book shelves once everything goes up. 
I love reading related accessories and reading related jewellery has to be a real favourite of mine. This necklace could, honestly, have been made for me. I absolutely love it. 
Up until recently I was a very casual coffee drinker but since craving it (and not being allowed much) in my pregnancy, I have become a bit of a coffee addict! As such these book marks are just perfect for me, and so so cute. 
I think that the penultimate ‘Crime on the Pages’ subscription box was fantastic. The fact that there’s two books along side some really nice bookish accessories is really impressive. I will be absolutely gutted to see the box go and I know how hard the team have worked to try and make this a success so I only hope that they find another way to succeed one day. Although I was sent this box to consider for review, I had already subscribed before being taken on as ambassador, so I really was so excited by this box, my disappointment, and hope for their future is totally genuine. 
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