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All of these items are made up of a few different Primark trips plus a little special treat that I received from my rather lovely soon-to-be (in one week, eek) husband. I wouldn’t normally get to town three times in the space of a month but there’s been lots of reasons why I’ve had to so popping in to Primark seemed like a very reasonable reward for all of the hard work involved in being in town  (haha)

This was the first item that I picked up which was the weekend of my hen-like celebrations. I didn’t have a hen do, as such, but I had a meal and a couple of drink with my sister and step Mum and then the next day I had some tea and cake with some family and friends. On the day I went to see my sister and Step Mum  I realised I’d forgotten my coat and, so, before getting on the bus I popped in to Primark – I didn’t find anything that’d provide any extra warmth, in lieu of the coat, but I did find this beautiful, blush pink, sheer shirt with butterfly print. I instantly fell in love, it was £12.

I picked up these bits when I was in town for my eye test. The vests for Ethan and the socks for me are pretty much self explanatory essentials but they were super cheap and bargainous which is always good.I picked up the pale pink, mini makeup bag because I wanted something small enough for a bag but big enough to hold makeup, medication and anything else that might be floating around in my handbags – I just can’t help but try and keep everything as organised as possible (I Think this was about £3)

The other two things are wedding related. The cream, lace effect pumps are for me to slip on on the evening of the wedding because my feet don’t like heels and, even though the ones I’ve got for the wedding are only low, I think my feet will appreciate something a little lower to pass the evening with (They were £5)
Lastly we have the beautiful, floral, bun band which is for Skye. We’ve been wondering what we should do with her hair, and I’ve had my eye open for a pretty hair tie for her but haven’t seen anything that I liked enough. This was just perfect, though, and when Azii told me that she’s been loving having her hair up in a bun recently it seemed just perfect – It’ll go with her dress and finish off her look in just the right way, And it was an amazingly cheap steal of £1.50.

When we had to go and pick up my new glasses we had a few final bits to get for the wedding – I was on the eye out for some nice undies (which won’t be featuring in this post haha) and some jewellery. I hadn’t expected to get them at Primark but it’s a surprising place! It’s quite hard to see in the picture but the pearl style jewellery had a pink tone to it, which is why I was interested in it (with pink being the colour scheme) – I’d not, originally, thought of pearls but I saw the necklace and just thought it’d go So nicely with my dress so I also searched out a bracelet set, too, there’s three pearl type ones in the set – The necklace was £2 and the bracelet set was £2.50.The Winnie The Pooh pj top is one I’ve seen a few times and just loved but I knew I shouldn’t spend £5 on a pj top I didn’t need. When I was in buying underwear I found this one, last one discarded amongst the bras and it was reduced to £2! I love it, I needed something to wrap around the undies so that Azii wouldn’t see them…. it was clearly meant to be!

And this is the M&S item that I mentioned in the title. When we were in town for my eye test Azii and I ended up in M&S looking for his shirt for the wedding and on our way out I saw this dress which I just love. It’s not the most expensive dress in the world for most people but, as someone who mostly buys from Primark, £25 was too much to spend at that time. Little did I know that Azii was going to come back from work with it the next day – I’d been asleep with a migraine when he came home so I just remember waking up and finding this on the back of the living room door. A rather lovely surprise as I’m sure you can imagine, it’s such a beautiful dress and that he thought to go back and get it was so so sweet.


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I’ve not posted about Ethan, directly, as much for a while and I feel quite sad about that. The kids are flippin funny posts just lost their steam and then random updates just didn’t work out quite right. Since I last did a post, just about him, he’s grown up quite a bit. He’s off to school in September and he’s just such a proper little boy now, not a toddler.

I thought I’d do an outfit of the day post because I just thought he looked quite cool and so I took some photos and here we are.

Hard to believe but I didn’t tell him to post and look distant and serious, this was him trying to ignore me taking the pictures. All of the ones which have him smiling are, unfortunately, including the crazy child smile that he likes to do when you try to take photos so, as such, the moody, distant ones have come out much better!
He’s got his Rio t-shirt on which is from Primark as well as slim fit jeans from H&M. He wear long sleeved tees under short ones a lot, still, but as the weather is warming up he’ll hopefully be able to wear them without the long sleeved one underneath! (Though I don’t want to assume anything, with our weather)
His shoes are rather cool and they seem to make most of his outfits just a bit more ‘funky’ because they’re not just the plain boring ones he’s always had before. I do love his Angry Bird hi-tops too, but he’s not worn those as much when there’s been threats of rain.
Another fluke shot that came out quite nicely (If I may say so!), this one show cases his hat quite nicely. This is his Pokemon hat. This past few weeks he’s fallen in Love with Pokemon – He either insists on wearing the hat in bed or he’ll have it on his bedside table and he’s just imagined up his first, two, imaginary friends who just happen to be called Misty and Brock who have travelled allll the way from ‘Pokemon land’ to see him!So yes, he’s far from the angelic looking pre-schooler he was when I started, he’s still a pre-schooler but he just looks so much more grown up! He’s got so many things that he loves now, Transformers, super heros, Pokemon, Rio… Thomas isn’t the favourite anymore and this makes me a bit sad (not just because we spent a fortune on his trains!) – He does still love his trains but they’re just not his prime focus any more.


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Another month another haul! (Two mini hauls, actually but that’s just being picky!)

My camera seemed intent on annoying me when I took this photo, it’s made the vest on the left look like a really pale nude colour but it’s actually a much deeper dusky pink, it’s Such a pretty vest and I got it for £3 (I think?) The vest on the right was another must have as I really love teal at the moment, it was one of the £2 ones (maybe? Why have I forgotten the prices of the vest!)

The socks weren’t for me, surprisingly, a little present for Azii and you can never go wrong with Batman socks! These were only £1.50 which is rather cool! 

I was very very pleased to get this dress. I saw it back a little before Christmas but held off from buying it because I was being sensible and it was £10 (not a lot but more than I wanted to spend) so coming in to store and finding that it was marked down to £5 was a real ‘yay!’ moment!

This is the highlight of my second haul – I am absolutely in love with this scarf! The shade of grey is so pretty and the roses being ever so slightly coloured with a hint of pink! And the script on it is beautiful and, and. Yeah ok, in love with a scarf, can’t say much more about it really! A nice little bargain for £4 too.

I really don’t know why my camera likes me sometimes and not others – This is another photo that’s not showing the colours correctly, this jumper is a soft pink colour not cream. Either way you can see how pretty it is and I think they had it in a few different colours. It was originally £8 but I got it for £5.60 (I think).

I can’t remember the original price for this but I got it for £3 which is a nice bargain. I really like the distressed pink colours of it and the fabric is really light and comfortable to wear – With a pair of skinny jeans I absolutely love this top.

A fantastic couple of mini hauls joined together to make a proper sized haul! Shame my memory has gone mushy when it comes to prices but there you go! They were all bargains, it’s safe to say that much. 

To keep up-to-date don’t forget to follow me on Can You Get Tramadol Online Legally and Tramadol Buying Uk @petitmoi_bigworld

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As I mentioned, in one of my Christmas posts, my Nan made the unusual decision to buy my earrings for the first time this Christmas. The decision is unusual because I don’t have my ears pierced. In all honesty I don’t know why she forgot this, she’s never bought my earrings before, but I guess these things happen! And, as it happens she quite likes them so she’s kept them herself and she told me I could find myself something, of the same value, to replace it.

So I popped on to the Tramadol Cheapest site to look for some jewellery and I found some real bargains! I also had a quick look in the dress section and found a rather lovely bargain in there too – Oh asos and bargains, such a good mix! 
This Tokyo Jane bracelet cost me £8 down from £16 – This isn’t the one that’s on the actual site, but I can’t find this one on there so I’m a little puzzled – I’ve emailed Asos to ask, though. I actually like this so happy to keep it, would just quite like to be able to order the one I originally ordered too! (edit – The Asos customer services team have sorted this for me and I’m getting the one I, originally, tried to order so I’ll have two of these beauties! Keep an eye on my Instagram to see the other design when that arrives)

I want to get some bigger, more statement necklaces but when I saw this delicate little one I just couldn’t help myself – It’s so so pretty. This is called the Charlotte necklace and it’s by Designsix – I got it for £5 when it was, originally, £18 – Mega bargain! 

Lastly I picked up this cute little floral charm necklace. It’s hard to photograph but it’s actually a really dark green colour, but shows as black in most lights – I love the straight faceted edges going across each petal as when the light lands on it it makes it look like different colours rather than just all one colour as it actually is. By Pieces this was, originally £9 but I got it for £2.50.

So, I spent £15.50 of the allocate £16 that my Nan gave me to replace the earrings – And for that I actually got jewellery worth – £43!!! Such a mega bargain! I’m actually going to put this post live earlier so that you guys have a chance at picking up some of these bargains if you like the look of them as, at least, one of them is showing low in stock. 

This is the jumper dress that I bought with some of my Christmas money – I have wanted a jumper dress for a while and I love the cable knit sleeves of this one. Hopefully it’ll be a slightly warmer alternative for the really chilly days – Add in a pair of thick tights and there’s a decent chance of not totally freezing in this outfit!
I like the shades of grey in this, too, but it’s also available in other colours if you like it, it’s made by Vila. I ordered it in a S-10 and due to the fact that it’s a bodycon fit, it’s very fitted around the waist, so I’m hoping to reduce some bloating before I wear it next week! All in all, I love this dress and it was, yet another, bargain at £15 down from £22.
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