I haven’t had any Tam beauty products to show you for a while so I was very excited when a surprise package arrived today! On my doorstep I discovered the ‘I Heart Chocolate and Peaches’ pallet by I <3 Makeup – I had no idea it was coming but am thrilled to be able to show you what shades are in there and how nicely they swatch.
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I asked, in my Freedom Makeup haul post, what you’d like to see in more detail first and a number of people were really interested in the eye shadow palettes so that made that decision an easy one! I’m going to say this now, this is going to be a Very photo heavy post so I’m going to try not to write too much.
I like these eye shadow palettes a lot. The ranges of shades is beautiful and they both seem to have a nice balance with mattes, satin shades (which are somewhere between a matte and a shimmer), lighter shimmers and then a couple with some glittery shimmer too. The pigmentation is fantastic, only the palest shades don’t show up too well in swatches, but that’s not due to pigmentation rather the colour of my skin! I think you’re going to like these, a lot. They’re £4 each and there’s a few of them, on the site, which are well worth checking out.


First up we have ‘Audacious 3’ – Instantly you’re going to see some similarities with the Naked 3 and dupes like the Iconic 3, but this one does have some difference in shades that mean I feel like I’ll still get use out of my previous palettes.



The first four shades, here, at two different angles as normal. I am impressed with the pigmentation of a shade as pale as the first one, it’s almost skin toned but you can still see it. The second shade might be a little too shimmery for me, but the third shade, a more satin-like one is gorgeous. I really like the matte, pink, too as it’s similar to the duskier pinks you get in palettes such as this but it’s just a little more pink. I’m not sure how I’d use it in a look but determined to find out.



Some slightly less in your face shimmers, with some beautiful glitter in them, in this row, plus the second matte. I love all three of these shimmers though I’ll have to be careful with the first two, due to my cool skin tone. The matte is the perfect crease shade, for me, so I’ll get a lot of use out of that and Wow that last shade. It’s love.



And, the last four shades in the palette! As you can see we have three satiny shades and a matte with glitter in it. I love, love, love the three satin shades as they’re nice and cool toned and this formula is just my absolute favourite. I do love the black, too, if you look closely you can see it has a red/pink fine glitter in it that just makes it very special.



And this is ‘Le Fabuleux’ – This is my favourite of the two but only because it’s a little less like others that I have. That said, I have so many neutral palettes… just not in this exact configuration.



I’m even more impressed with the palest matte shade in this palette, the slightly more cream shade means that it really does show you how well it pigmented it is considering how pale it is. I think the second shade is another that I’d have to be wary of if I wanted to make it work but the third and fourth as ones I could definitely use. I really do love the champagne shade of the third one.



The first shade, the taupey/goldy super pale shade, in this row might not look like much but, for some reason, I flipping love it. It’s the first shade I wore from this one and it just works for me. It doesn’t add a strong hit of colour, of course, but it just works really well as a whole lid colour. Similarly, the second shade is slightly more gold but definitely has a similar effect. Even the more coppery toned shade, from this row, is one I could work with even with my skin tone because, although it’s warm (it’s copper, of course it’s warm), it’s slightly more cool toned than a lot of the other coppers I have. And that fourth shade? I love love love it in the crease, it’s beautiful.



The first shade of this row is another perfect one for me, again it’s harder to pick up as it’s paler but is a stunning taupe in a beautiful satiny formula with a hint of glitter, very very nice. And then we finish up with a staple matte, dark brown, a chocolate brown and then a black with some pretty pretty glitter.
Very very pleased with these palettes. The paler shades from the second one are going to be absolute ‘go-to’ shades for me and I see myself wearing them a lot. There’s plenty from both of them that I love, though, and I think the formulas are spot on. Looking forward to see what else comes in terms of eye shadow palettes, in the future.

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Following the launch of Freedom Makeup I just found myself needing to order some products to find out what more of their new releases were like. I had some birthday money left so I went a bit mad and ordered lots! I accidentally ordered two of one of the products so what’s listed here is worth £30.50. 

First up I ordered a few eye products; two of the 12 shade eye shadow palettes (£4 each) and and an eye primer (£2.50). The palettes are ‘Audacious 3’ on the left and ‘Le Fabuleux’ on the right. I’ve got plenty of photos of these, and swatches, to share with you in a future post. 
Face products, next, I picked up a tube of ‘Pro-Matte’ foundation (£2) in the shade 02, four blushes in ‘True Loved’, ‘Rare’, ‘Banish’ and ‘Beyond’ (£1 each) and also the ‘Pro Conceal & Correct’ palette (£5) in the ‘Light’ shades. Again, swatches and more photos in a future post. 
I loved the formula of the Lipsticks that I tried in my previous post so I wanted to get a couple of shades that were more ‘me’ in my order, as well as that I was intrigued by the lip lacquers. So I picked up the ‘Pro Melts Lipgloss’ and a ‘Pro Butters Lipgloss’ (£3 each) both in the shade ‘D-Ream’. For lipsticks I went for a rosy pink and a neutral and these were, ‘Whispers’ and ‘Sooner or Later’ (£1 each). I’ve got some lovely swatches of these to share with you in another post. 
Lastly, I was very good, I only ordered one nail polish (£1). I probably have countless shades like this but slightly pinky, champagne, metallicy shades are a real weakness for me, so I went for the shade ‘456’. 
I’m just popping this post together so you can see what to expect over the coming days, there’ll be swatches and first impressions of many of these products coming soon. If there’s anything, in particular, that you’d like to see first then just let me know in the comments below. 

It’s Makeup Revolution time! I’d say, easily, Makeup Revolution post is always a highlight for me, I love to find out what’s inside and when there’s something stunning it just puts a smile on my face (hint, this one is stunning). 

Today the ‘Affirmation’ palette, which is the newest of the 32 shade Ultra Eyeshadow palettes, popped through the letter box. When I saw swatches of this, yesterday, I hoped I’d be lucky enough to get this one so I was very, very pleased when a palette shaped package arrived! 

The box of this, even, is rather beautiful, it shows as brown here but it has a lovely bronze sheen to it, it’s got a good quality feel, as I’m used to from Makeup Revolution (especially for something that costs £8!). 

It’s rather nice, in a palette of this size, to get a sheet with all of the shade names on it – Obviously it’s not a necessity but little details to add to a product and this one definitely does. 

And here are the shades in all their glory. I have a lot of Makeup Revolution neutral palettes (I feel like I say this a lot) but I’m definitely intrigued by the balance of shades in this one; where most palettes lean towards cooler or warmer toned shades you can see that this one has distinct cooler areas and warmer areas. As well as that it has those, oh so popular, pinky/rosy shades along with some beautiful purples. It’s a palette I look at and just say ‘yes’ – A simple statement, I know, but it’s true. 

As always, from a couple of different angles so that you can see different levels of shimmer – Here’s the first six shades. L-R ‘Pledge’, ‘Forward’, ‘Affirmation’, ‘Morale’, ‘Approve’ and ‘Hope’.
As you’ll expect the paler matte shades are very very pale and are hard to pick up on photographs, that said you can just about see it on this picture, it blends in very well with my skin tone. The rest of the shades are quite self explanatory, three gorgeous shimmers followed by two more mattes, all of which are really nicely pigmented and have a beautiful depth.

Some gorgeous metallic shades up next, some very warm colours as well as a couple of paler shades. We have L-R ‘Advance’, ‘Truth’, ‘Positive’, ‘Vouch’, ‘Accept’, and ‘Time’. 
Again, very well pigmented, though ‘Positive’ isn’t one that shows up too well in a photograph; it’s a very pale cream shade but what the camera doesn’t want to pick up is the really soft, very very beautiful sheen that it has. I think ‘Vouch’ is going to be the perfect pinky toned champagne for me, this could be a favourite of the palette, I know it’s simple but it’s very pretty.

The light started going, as I took my photographs, but I think they still represent the shades just nicely. This next 6 shades are ‘Reliance’, ‘Confidence’, ‘Blaze’, ‘Light’, ‘Vow’ and ‘Reveal’. 
We’re edging towards some of the cooler toned shades, now, and there’s some real beauties in here – These are really starting to be the shades that I can pull off so I love them. (I love the rosy shades and the coppers but with my skin tone I can’t pull them off as well). 

And here are my favourite shades from the palette – We’ve got the coolest shimmers along with some beautiful purples: L-R ‘Oath’, ‘Rely’, ‘Consent’, ‘Willing’, ‘Vouch’ and ‘Promise’. 
I am already picturing some looks that I’ll put together with these, they remind me of another favourite palette that I have – In fact… when I think about it, this palette brings together shades from a lot of my favourite palettes and puts them all in together. It could’ve been made for me, and I think a lot of people will feel the same way. 

Towards the end of the palette we have a number of mattes and some of those subtler shimmer/sheen shades that I love. We have L-R ‘Announce’, ‘Convey’, ‘Assure’, ‘Disclose’, ‘Slate’ and ‘Insist’. 
Not much to say about these, they’re staples of the palette, a few last neutrals along side some really lovely smoky and black shades.

32 doesn’t divide by 6, so there’s two left at the end, the light had really gone by this point and this last two shades did not want to photograph but here we have them. ‘Bold’ and ‘Declare’. 
Bold was a nightmare to capture because it’s a shade that’s actually very soft and smoky, but it has this gorgeous golden shimmer in it that brings it to life and that shimmer did not want to co-operate! I hope you can see it in the second photo (sorry it’s blurry but you can see the shimmer!) 
And that’s the newest palette from Makeup Revolution! I do love this one, and I know I say that a lot. I can see myself using the pink shades, the cooler neutrals and definitely some of those purples. I also think that, last shade, the very pigmented matte black, could make a great liner shade. There’s endless looks hidden amongst these shades and I can’t wait to start putting them together! 
It’s available now, here, for only £8!  

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This post contains a press sample – Disclaimer here

You’ll probably have seen posts about these already, but if you’ve read any of my recent posts you’ll already know that I’m still playing catchup where I’m behind on things. I won’t go in to it, again, because it feels like I’m starting all my posts this way. But, yay, Makeup Revolution!

These are, actually, from Makeup Revolution’s sister brand I ♥ Makeup and they’ve been out for a few weeks now – They are the ‘I ♥ Obsession’ palettes and I have them in two sets of colours, ‘Born To Die’ and ‘West End Girls’. The palettes, each, contain 10 shades and are a very, very reasonable £3.99 each.

‘Born To Die’ palette

‘West End Girls’ palette
All the shadows are patterned, in some way, some embossed with a design and some with a raised design – I think this gives them a really fun, interesting look as do the pink ferrules of the sponge applicators. But what you most want to see is the swatches and I’m not going to keep you waiting any longer!

It almost goes without saying that I love a neutrals palette, it’s somewhat of an obsession now (pun not intended but I quite like it, none the less). That aside, there’s something I really love about this, particular, neturals palette. You’ll see, as you look through the photos, that most of these shades don’t even have a hint of shimmer in them, but they’re also not obviously matte, either.

There’s a stunning sheen to a lot of these shades that leaves them sitting part way between a matte and a shimmer shade and, I have to say, I love it! The formula is soft, it applies nicely and it’s unlike anything else I own, Of course there’s some obvious shimmers in there, too, and the first shade of the palette packs so much shimmer that it glows.

Just as with the last two shades in the top pictures, the first two in this picture are ones which hold the sheen that I’ve previously mentioned. It’s nice, in a neutral palette, to have some grey toned shades as well as the more obvious brown tones – This allows for people who want a standard smoky eye to be able to make it, as well as those who look for a subtler brown toned look. This palette would be great for taking away if you wanted a neutral eye for the day and then a greyer smoky eye for the evenings. The black glittery shade on the end would give a really glitzy look to a powerful smoky eye. 

And some nicely pigmented matte shades, to end the palette with. These four are a lovely finish to the palette, offering up matte versions which mirror the pale, brown and grey shades from the row above. These could be used in conjunction with the shimmer and sheen shades, or they could be used to create a completely matte look of their own.

Where the previous palette was subtle, but with an added dimension, this palette is bright and full of beautiful shimmers and jewel tones. The first three shades are, possibly, my favourite three from the palette – The bright copper might be too warm for my eyes but I’m going to try it, anyway, because it’s just so beautiful, and the brown and purple are just such lovely, wearable shades. 

Lots of glitter in these three shades, they’d all make for a seriously glam evening look. The blue/black shade is gorgeous, and such an amazing balance of shades that it really stands out, though I’m not sure how I’d use it in a look. The middle, grey/mushroom shade, though, is one that I’d definitely be able to wear. 

To finish off the palette we have a matte, cream shade, a soft pink shade with beautiful golden glitter, a pale golden shade with shimmer and then a shade which looks like a golden cream in the pan but turns into a bright, super shimmery yellow gold colour once applied. This four shades would all be great for varying degrees of highlighting, or for adding to the centre of the lid, in a look, to brighten it and bring it to life. 
I really like the formulas of these palettes – The shimmers are amazing, the sheens are soft and subtle with an inner light and the glitters give just the right amount of glitz whilst the mattes are nicely pigmented and soft to blend. For £3.99 you really can’t go wrong with these, I think I’ll be picking up ‘Pure Cult’ with its pinks and neutrals, when I get the chance. 

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I was sent these palettes for my consideration for review purposes – All opinions are honest and are my own