Following the launch of Freedom Makeup I just found myself needing to order some products to find out what more of their new releases were like. I had some birthday money left so I went a bit mad and ordered lots! I accidentally ordered two of one of the products so what’s listed here is worth £30.50. 

First up I ordered a few eye products; two of the 12 shade eye shadow palettes (£4 each) and and an eye primer (£2.50). The palettes are ‘Audacious 3’ on the left and ‘Le Fabuleux’ on the right. I’ve got plenty of photos of these, and swatches, to share with you in a future post. 
Face products, next, I picked up a tube of ‘Pro-Matte’ foundation (£2) in the shade 02, four blushes in ‘True Loved’, ‘Rare’, ‘Banish’ and ‘Beyond’ (£1 each) and also the ‘Pro Conceal & Correct’ palette (£5) in the ‘Light’ shades. Again, swatches and more photos in a future post. 
I loved the formula of the Lipsticks that I tried in my previous post so I wanted to get a couple of shades that were more ‘me’ in my order, as well as that I was intrigued by the lip lacquers. So I picked up the ‘Pro Melts Lipgloss’ and a ‘Pro Butters Lipgloss’ (£3 each) both in the shade ‘D-Ream’. For lipsticks I went for a rosy pink and a neutral and these were, ‘Whispers’ and ‘Sooner or Later’ (£1 each). I’ve got some lovely swatches of these to share with you in another post. 
Lastly, I was very good, I only ordered one nail polish (£1). I probably have countless shades like this but slightly pinky, champagne, metallicy shades are a real weakness for me, so I went for the shade ‘456’. 
I’m just popping this post together so you can see what to expect over the coming days, there’ll be swatches and first impressions of many of these products coming soon. If there’s anything, in particular, that you’d like to see first then just let me know in the comments below.