Just a quick haul post to share with you, it feels like quite a long time since I done a beauty haul (probably because it has been!), so it’s nice to be able to share some new bits and bobs. I’ve got another haul coming up, next week, too, but for now here’s a couple of things I bought from Freedom Makeup and Makeup Revolution recently, from Superdrug

All three of these are things I’ve wanted since I knew they were released, so when there was a 3 for 2 on at Superdrug it seemed like a very good time to take advantage! Both the Freedom Makeup ‘Eyebrow Pomade’ and the Makeup Revolution ‘Ultra Metals’ brushes have been out for a while, now, so it’d be great to know if any of you have tried them, and what you think ?
As always the packaging from Freedom Makeup is so good, especially when you consider the bargain price – The Eyebrow Pomade is only £5! You may be used to bargain brands having a limited shade range but this comes in an impressive 11 shades which should, easily, cover most people’s colouring. 
I wasn’t sure which shade to get, as there is just so many! Because I was ordering from Superdrug there wasn’t the full colour range available, if I’d been ordering direct from Freedom Makeup I may’ve got the the ‘Chocolate’ shade, but due to what I could get I picked ‘Medium Brown’. When I first opened it I wasn’t sure if it was going to be dark enough but, actually, once applied I’ve found that this works really quite well on my brows. I’m planning on doing a before and after post on this some time (but at the moment I’m battling very dry skin which is why it’s not happened yet). 
The Ultra Metals brushes from Makeup Revolution were exciting for so so many reasons. Firstly, resisting those beautiful rose gold handles would’ve been really hard work, and secondly the quality is stunning (along with many other things)
I wasn’t sure which to get from the range, I do have quite a lot of brushes already, but the ‘Sculpt Blush Brush’ and the ‘Pointed Crease Eyeshadow brush’ really stood out to me and blush and eye brushes are, probably, my most used. 
These both lived up to my hopes, the bristles are just so beautifully soft! I’ve not used them a lot yet, but I’ve given them both a quick go – They’re both quite firm brushes, so it’ll take a little bit of getting used to the blush brush (I usually use huge fluffy brushes), but it feels fantastic on the skin and applies product really nicely. The eye brush is lovely for applying to the crease, but then I do need a softer, blending brush to follow up with.

The Ultra Metals collection are more expensive than other brushes from Makeup Revolution, but when you consider the quality, you can understand why. The blush brush is £8.99 and the crease brush is £5.99 which means, with the brow pomade on 3 for 2, I got quite a good bargain.

I expect for these to show up in future posts, and I’m really looking forward to using them some more. Are there any more things from Makeup Revolution or Freedom Makeup that you’d recommend? I’m considering trying out some of the Freedom Makeup skin care once my skin is happier. 

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It’s best that I start this with some honesty – This post is going to be Very picture heavy! When you see the palette that I’ve been sent, to share with you, you’ll understand why, soo many things to swatch!
I was very excited when the House of Glamdolls (with Freedom Makeup) ‘Vintage Doll Look’ palette landed on my doorstep. I hadn’t heard of these, yet, so it was nice to discover something new and also have a little play around with some swatches and see what this latest development has to offer.

The palette is available, as you’d expect, on the Freedom site, and costs £8. The Vintage Doll Look palette sits along side the ‘Spirit Doll’, ‘Exotica Doll’ and ‘Fairy Doll’ sets, which all offer different shades of the same products. I’m really pleased that I was sent this one as it’s the colours that I’d probably have picked out myself if I were to have bought one.


As you can see, from this list, each palette is a whole look all in one and it really does offer a lot. With brows, cheeks, lids and lips covered all you really need is mascara and base products to have a finished look which, for the price, and for the convenience, is a fantastic idea.


The palette has a nice, strong feel to it and isn’t too big considering what it holds. It has the Freedom and the House of Glamdolls logos on the front which makes for an appealing looking palette.


And here’s what it contains! Yup, all of that in one, average sized, palette. It’s impressive to say the least. You can, also, see that it comes with a full sized mirror which adds to the fact that this would be ideal for travel or for fitting as much as possible in to a small space.
At the very top we have the four brow shades, followed up by the 3 highlighters, then 6 shimmer/satin/glitter shadows, 4 matte shadows and two big blushes, with the four lip shades running down the side. I didn’t swatch the brow shades as the palette represents them pretty well – They’re not totally opaque but, then, with a brow powder you’d not expect them to be, they offer a good level of colour for filling out the brow area and a decent set of shades which should cover plenty of people.



On to the swatches, we have the three highlight powders first. As I always try to do I’ve got these from two different angles so that I can capture how they look in different lights. I didn’t want to swatch them too densely as, of course, they’re highlighters so they’re only supposed to give a soft glow rather than a thick patch of colour.
As you can see ‘Starlight’ is a silvery/white, very shimmery shade which you’ll want to go lightly with, and build up slowly, as it packs quite the punch – Very beautiful indeed. ‘Light’ on the other hand, as the swatch shows, is matte and is very very close to my skin tone (I know it’s hard to see but you can just make it out). I wasn’t sure how I’d use this, to begin with, but then I thought it’d be a great product for setting concealer under the eyes, as it’s such a good skin tone for me, or for under the brow bone to balance out the blue veins I have under there, rather than adding shimmer. Lastly, and my favourite of the three, is ‘Haze’, I really like the soft golden shimmer of this one and I think it’ll look beautiful on.



I’ve swatched ‘Silver Screen’, ‘Starlet’ and ‘Vamp’ together and, as you can see, they’re all nicely pigmented and would look beautiful on. ‘Silver Screen’, as the name suggests, has a very strong silvery look to it, but I also think it has a very slight taupe-y tone to it which tones it down just a little and stops it being that stark silver that you often get.
I do always love coppery/bronze shades, even though I’m quite sure I’m not meant to wear them with my skin tone/eyes, but I just can’t seem to help it! ‘Starlet’ is a very nice bronze shade with the brightness of a hint of copper, I like it very much.
Lastly, ‘Vamp’, is the most matte of this six shades, but despite the photos it does have a slight hint of glitter to it. Rather than being dense, like the matte black you’ll see shortly, this would be a nice shade to do a smoky eye with as it’s already got a slightly diffused, softer feel to it.



Next up we have ‘Delicate’, ‘Siren’ and ‘Heroine’. ‘Delicate’ is one of those surprising shades where you expect a certain colour but it’s, actually, rather different – As you can see, in the pan, you’re expecting a shimmery soft pink shade but, as you can see above, it’s actually almost completely sheer but with a beautiful pink sheen/light to it. I’m not sure what I’d do with this shade but it’s, undoubtedly, very very pretty.

‘Siren’ is one of those shades that I instantly love. It’s got less ‘oomph’ to it than it’s more dense, brighter counterparts (like ‘Starlet’) but it’s so much more wearable, especially with my cool toned skin and blue eyes. It’s a much better balance between warmer and cooler toned shades and I can see myself wearing this a lot.

That said, ‘Heroine’ is competition in terms of which of these two are my favourite as this deep brown/burgundy duo chrome is just stunning. It’s another of those shades that I probably shouldn’t wear, with my colouring, but probably will anyway because it’s too pretty not to (especially around this time of year!).

The four matte shadows come up last, and we have ‘Pure’, ‘Allure’, ‘Demure’ and ‘Jet. All four of these are pretty self explanatory, we have a white, a pale pink, a purple and a black; they’ve all got a nice level of pigmentation and I think they complement the 6 shimmery shades really well.


The two blushes, ‘Retro’ and ‘Glamour’, are the sorts of shades I love. I didn’t want to swatch them too heavily but they have a good level of colour to them so definitely worth starting off lightly and then building up. Again, I think they complement the other product shades within the palette really nicely.


And, lastly, to the lip shades. As you’d expect, from a palette like this, these aren’t particularly opaque but as a glossy finished, sheer product they are rather nice. Of course, if you wanted a denser look you could always layer these, as more of a gloss, over the top of another lipstick, but for me these are ideal as I’m a big big fan of sheer lip products.
From l-r we have ‘Ruby’, ‘Power’, ‘Dark Cherry’ and ‘Flapper’. As you can see, if you get this palette you need to like reds for your lips but they do offer a nice range of reds and due to their sheer nature your own lip colour will effect how they turn out (I imagine that a sheer wash of ‘Ruby’ might not be too in your face red at all). If reds aren’t your thing then some of the other palettes in this range offer some different shades when it comes to lip products (But then, of course, the shadows and blushes will be different too).
All in all, an impressive addition to the Freedom Makeup collection – I love how much they’ve fit in to just one palette, you can tell how well thought out the shades are in terms of them all going together so well and the quality of the products seems good (which you can’t always expect in such a diverse palette).
For £8, it’s a very good bargain, and I can imagine there’s a colour set for everyone amongst the four different offerings.

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This post contains press samples – See disclaimer here.

I asked, in my Freedom Makeup haul post, what you’d like to see in more detail first and a number of people were really interested in the eye shadow palettes so that made that decision an easy one! I’m going to say this now, this is going to be a Very photo heavy post so I’m going to try not to write too much.
I like these eye shadow palettes a lot. The ranges of shades is beautiful and they both seem to have a nice balance with mattes, satin shades (which are somewhere between a matte and a shimmer), lighter shimmers and then a couple with some glittery shimmer too. The pigmentation is fantastic, only the palest shades don’t show up too well in swatches, but that’s not due to pigmentation rather the colour of my skin! I think you’re going to like these, a lot. They’re £4 each and there’s a few of them, on the site, which are well worth checking out.


First up we have ‘Audacious 3’ – Instantly you’re going to see some similarities with the Naked 3 and dupes like the Iconic 3, but this one does have some difference in shades that mean I feel like I’ll still get use out of my previous palettes.



The first four shades, here, at two different angles as normal. I am impressed with the pigmentation of a shade as pale as the first one, it’s almost skin toned but you can still see it. The second shade might be a little too shimmery for me, but the third shade, a more satin-like one is gorgeous. I really like the matte, pink, too as it’s similar to the duskier pinks you get in palettes such as this but it’s just a little more pink. I’m not sure how I’d use it in a look but determined to find out.



Some slightly less in your face shimmers, with some beautiful glitter in them, in this row, plus the second matte. I love all three of these shimmers though I’ll have to be careful with the first two, due to my cool skin tone. The matte is the perfect crease shade, for me, so I’ll get a lot of use out of that and Wow that last shade. It’s love.



And, the last four shades in the palette! As you can see we have three satiny shades and a matte with glitter in it. I love, love, love the three satin shades as they’re nice and cool toned and this formula is just my absolute favourite. I do love the black, too, if you look closely you can see it has a red/pink fine glitter in it that just makes it very special.



And this is ‘Le Fabuleux’ – This is my favourite of the two but only because it’s a little less like others that I have. That said, I have so many neutral palettes… just not in this exact configuration.



I’m even more impressed with the palest matte shade in this palette, the slightly more cream shade means that it really does show you how well it pigmented it is considering how pale it is. I think the second shade is another that I’d have to be wary of if I wanted to make it work but the third and fourth as ones I could definitely use. I really do love the champagne shade of the third one.



The first shade, the taupey/goldy super pale shade, in this row might not look like much but, for some reason, I flipping love it. It’s the first shade I wore from this one and it just works for me. It doesn’t add a strong hit of colour, of course, but it just works really well as a whole lid colour. Similarly, the second shade is slightly more gold but definitely has a similar effect. Even the more coppery toned shade, from this row, is one I could work with even with my skin tone because, although it’s warm (it’s copper, of course it’s warm), it’s slightly more cool toned than a lot of the other coppers I have. And that fourth shade? I love love love it in the crease, it’s beautiful.



The first shade of this row is another perfect one for me, again it’s harder to pick up as it’s paler but is a stunning taupe in a beautiful satiny formula with a hint of glitter, very very nice. And then we finish up with a staple matte, dark brown, a chocolate brown and then a black with some pretty pretty glitter.
Very very pleased with these palettes. The paler shades from the second one are going to be absolute ‘go-to’ shades for me and I see myself wearing them a lot. There’s plenty from both of them that I love, though, and I think the formulas are spot on. Looking forward to see what else comes in terms of eye shadow palettes, in the future.

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Following the launch of Freedom Makeup I just found myself needing to order some products to find out what more of their new releases were like. I had some birthday money left so I went a bit mad and ordered lots! I accidentally ordered two of one of the products so what’s listed here is worth £30.50. 

First up I ordered a few eye products; two of the 12 shade eye shadow palettes (£4 each) and and an eye primer (£2.50). The palettes are ‘Audacious 3’ on the left and ‘Le Fabuleux’ on the right. I’ve got plenty of photos of these, and swatches, to share with you in a future post. 
Face products, next, I picked up a tube of ‘Pro-Matte’ foundation (£2) in the shade 02, four blushes in ‘True Loved’, ‘Rare’, ‘Banish’ and ‘Beyond’ (£1 each) and also the ‘Pro Conceal & Correct’ palette (£5) in the ‘Light’ shades. Again, swatches and more photos in a future post. 
I loved the formula of the Lipsticks that I tried in my previous post so I wanted to get a couple of shades that were more ‘me’ in my order, as well as that I was intrigued by the lip lacquers. So I picked up the ‘Pro Melts Lipgloss’ and a ‘Pro Butters Lipgloss’ (£3 each) both in the shade ‘D-Ream’. For lipsticks I went for a rosy pink and a neutral and these were, ‘Whispers’ and ‘Sooner or Later’ (£1 each). I’ve got some lovely swatches of these to share with you in another post. 
Lastly, I was very good, I only ordered one nail polish (£1). I probably have countless shades like this but slightly pinky, champagne, metallicy shades are a real weakness for me, so I went for the shade ‘456’. 
I’m just popping this post together so you can see what to expect over the coming days, there’ll be swatches and first impressions of many of these products coming soon. If there’s anything, in particular, that you’d like to see first then just let me know in the comments below. 

The last, new, product I’ve got to show you, for today, is the ‘Pro Blush & Highlight’ palette in ‘Bronze and Baked’ – I do love blushes and highlighters but I don’t use bronzers very often. I do think, though, that this could be a lovely balance between all three that’ll help me add some colour to my face in the warmer months.

It comes packaged, really nicely, in a box with a high shine to it so you will get finger prints on it in no time at all (not ideal for photos I can tell you, haha) – The outside of the palette, itself, looks very similar which is why I am jumping straight to the inside, it’s the most important part after all.


There are 8 blushes and highlights in this palette, all in pinks and bronzer-like shades – Considering these are only £6, it’s an impressive array of products, along side a huge mirror which helps with application. You can, also, get these palettes in peach and pink tones, too. But, here we go, on to the swatches.




The first three shades in the palette are a golden highlighter along with a beautiful soft pink highlighter and then a slightly warmer pink blush/highlight. As you can see, the golden one packs a real punch; I build all of these up a little so that you can see them more easily so, obviously, if you used this lightly it’d be much much subtler than this whereas the pinks will give a much gentler look, they have more of a sheen rather than an all out glitter/shimmer.


The two centre bronzers are more of a normal powder formula, rather than baked – It’s nice that there’s a shimmery one and a matte one. Both of these might be a bit dark for me, but again I did build them up; used with a lighter hand they could be really nice. You can see that they have a fantastic amount of pigmentation, though, and the shimmer in the first shade is just amazing (I’d even be tempted to use that as an eye shadow!)


The last three shades, all baked, have that softness that you expect from a baked formula which brings us back to subtler realms again. I love all three of these, I think I could definitely make use of the first two and I could use the third if I did so very lightly. That middle one is tempting, again, as an eyeshadow, just look at it.
I really like the shades in this, they might be a little much for my lack of bronzing experience but they’re definitely something I’m looking forward to play with. I am tempted to get the peachy toned one in the future but am being good for now (which is always hard with things this pretty!)
I’d love to know what products from the range you’re interested in. I’ve got posts of the Red lipstick collection, and some other new releases which are live, now, too, And I’ve done an order for £33.50’s worth of products which I’m looking forward to sharing with you too. Definitely a good start for this, new brand, I can’t wait to see what happens next.

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This post contains press samples – See my disclaimer here.