I cancelled my Glossybox a while ago as I just had too many samples. I do still have quite a lot of samples but am getting much better at using them and I saw that, for July, Glossybox had a product in it that I really wanted so I thought I’d re-sub for a month or two and see how it compares to other boxes at the moment.

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When I saw that the December Glossybox a collaboration with Really Ree, And is a ‘Rose Gold edit’, I was very very excited. I’m well on the rose gold band wagon, I absolutely understand why everyone’s mad for it, and Really Ree is a blogger I’ve been reading for a few years now, she’s someone I read really regularly – What a perfect combination!

And, oh, they didn’t disappoint. I’ve been getting rid of old beauty boxes recently, there was just a few too many, but I am definitely keeping this one as the metallic, rose gold finish is so so pretty. And the pretty doesn’t end there, even inside the box the details are just right. 

As you can see even the ribbon is a beautiful pink with a goldish hint to it, and then the Glossybox logo, inside the box, is in a rose gold too. No skimping on the details this month!
And here’s the contents, a rather impressive contents in my opinion too. A very nice mix of cosmetics along side some skin care which is rather suitable for this time of year. 
First, for skin care, we have a sheet mask by Starskin. This is a brand I’ve not heard of before but the mask sounds really interesting. There were four different masks, as possibilities, and I got the ‘calming’ version which I’m quite happy with as my skin could always do with some calming products. Each mask is said to hold 30ml of product, which classes as a whole bottle, which is a rather impressive figure! I’m looking forward to trying this one out and can imagine many of us need some facial pampering with the weather being as cold as it is. A full size of this is £8.50. 
Next up we have the Hylamide ‘Pore Delete’ which is a rather intriguing product. It comes in a little dropper bottle, looks a bit like eye drops, and it goes on at an interesting point in your routine – If not wearing makeup then it goes on last, but if you are wearing makeup then you pat this in over the top of foundation, but before powder. I’m very interested to see if this stands up to the promise to minimise pores, mattify and blur because, if it does, that’ll be rather impressive. A full size of this one is £18 so this is a good value sample. 
Yet again we have another impressive product, value wise, though I’m a little confused by it, it’s not listed as full sized on the leaflet but on the Etre Belle website the full size is listed as 10ml and the size in the box is 10ml. If this is, indeed, a full size then it’s worth £14.46 (though the leaflet says £30.66. 
But, anyway. This roll on is said to soothe and hydrate delicate skin which is perfect for those bitingly cold days, and nights, that have rolled in recently. I like a good roll on so am looking forward to trying this out. 
The first of the cosmetics items is this liquid lipstick in the shade ‘Show Off’ by Essence. I really like Essence so was pleased to see one of their products in the box, though the shade is possibly a bit more in your face than I’d normally go for – Definitely good for party season though!
As bright as it is, I’m definitely going to try wearing this as it’s a very very pretty colour and I like the look of the formula, a lot. This is a full size and it’s worth £2.50.
Next up, for the makeup, is this ‘Statement Skin’ highlighting pencil from So Susan. I’ve tried various So Susan products, from boxes before, but I think this is already my favourite, it’s very very pretty. 
As a full sized item this is worth £15, which does seem a lot for a pencil this small, but I think that a little goes a long way with something like this so it should last a really long time. 

The pencil gives a really rather beautiful champagne glow and it applies to the skin really nicely, I’m very much looking forward to trying this one out. 
Lastly, for the box, we have a full sized nail polish from Collection – I’ve seen a few different shades, in people’s boxes, but I’m really happy with the shade I got, ‘Touch of Glamour’ which is a nice subtle, fine gold glitter, with a brighter pink medium sized glitter. It’s very very pretty and I’m already wearing it (Will try to Instagram it tomorrow) – These nail polishes are worth £2.99. 
I am very happy with how this box fits with the theme and also suits the festive season, the balance of skin care and cosmetics is perfect and I’m really pleased that there’s a mix of higher end and high street products as it means that if I love something I can afford to re-purchase some of them. A very, very good box for this month. 

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I’ve not  been posting about my beauty boxes as much, recently, because I’ve cut down but also I’ve been a little less inspired by them. I do want to get back in to the habit, though, so I’m writing up my Glossybox for this month. 

The theme for the April box is ‘The Iconic Edit’ and on the side of the box it says ‘Iconic Hollywood Edition’ so it had promise of a really special box. Some people have been fussy about the design of the box as it’s sparse… I think it’s beautiful and I quite love having a design just to the side, it’s stylish and really rather stunning. 
And here’s what I got in my box. I’ve seen some rather negative responses to the box and I have to say I rather like mine but I Do see why some people were a little non-plussed. A lot of people aren’t too pleased with getting nail polishes and I am in the same group that gets Far too many eye liners in boxes. But see below for why I Do like my box. 

These ‘Bath Pearls’ in a ‘Cherry Blossom’ scent from Nougat London are my least favourite item from the box but I am pleasantly surprised by the smell. When I opened the box I instantly smelled these and assumed there was something fragranced in there – It’s very floral but it’s a nice floral. I’m not sure how I’ll get much use for these, my baths Have to be practical as we don’t have a working shower and baths take a lot of time and effort for me, so I can’t have ones just for relaxing, sadly. That said, they smell delightful so I may see if I can get away with adding them after all the practical stuff is done. As well as smelling nice these are meant to leave the skin with a beautiful, soft shimmer which is a lovely idea if you’re going to use them for before a party – I can see why these fit in with the box as they’re a lovely, luxury thing. These are a full sized, 35g, bag which is worth £6.

Next up we have the dreaded eye liner. Ok so I am a bit fed up of eye liners in beauty boxes But… Well I’ve wanted to try an item by POP Beauty for ages so I’m actually happier than I normally would be to have got this. There’s a photo little bit below which shows the liner swatched; it’s nice and easy to apply and the smudger on the end is good for smoking out if that’s the sort of look you go for. I can see why a black liner fits in this box as it’s a big part of the iconic black winged liner that is associated with Hollywood starlets. The eye liner is full sized and is worth £6. 

The Lord & Berry pencil was last month’s sneak peak item (which I think they’ve stopped doing, yay!) and, despite not liking sneak peaks, this was something I was looking forward to. I’ve tried a number of Lord & Berry products but it’s the pencils I’ve heard most about, but I’ve never got around to buying one. The pencils are smaller than I thought but they’re still a good size that’d give plenty of uses – This is a full sized pencil worth £10. The shade that comes in the box is ‘Kiss’ (I think) and it’s a bright red, with a strong hit of orange, which makes it a good spring/summer colour as well as being a great ‘starlet red’. 
As you can see, the finish is matte, and it does have a strong orange tone to it, but it’d easily be made glossier with a clear or red gloss and it glides on to the lips beautifully.

You can, also, see a swatch of the eyeliner, above, nice and black, easily applied.

I know there are some people who aren’t too fond of nail polishes in beauty boxes but I’m not one of them, I love getting nail polishes in beauty boxes – But that might be because I’m a polish addict and also very easy to please, I love most shades. If you want to make sure I’m happy with a nail polish in a box then making it Color Club is a very good idea, I love this brand! 
I, quite possibly, already have a shade like this but, hopefully it’ll be different enough to justify. If not then the other brand will go straight in my box of polishes to go to my sister, Color Club trumps most brands. As well as being a great brand, it’s a full sized polish, which is worth £4.10 (I was sure these were worth more than that, but they’re not that affordable in the uk) The shade, ‘Barely There’,  is a nice nude and should suit a lot of skin tones and would work for a dressed up look or a casual one – Very happy. 

Darphin is one of those brands that I’ve wanted to try for ages but, again,  never have done (they’re a bit out of my budget). This ‘Exquisage Beauty Revealing Cream’ is a new release and is a cream that’s supposed to replenish skin, enhance firmness and boost luminosity. It comes in a lovely little 5ml tub and is rather beautifully packaged, the tub is a lovely green and the box has a lovely sheen to it; you can tell this is a high quality brand. The full size of this is 50ml and is worth £65, making this wee sample worth £6.50. 
There was four colours available, this month, they all had the same lid but the bottom half of the box could’ve been peach, pastel blue, mint green or a pale yellow. I’m glad I got the peach as it looks just beautiful – Glossybox did a great job of co-ordinating the colours, too, as the tissue paper had the Glossybox writing in a peach colour, too, and the ribbon was peach as well. It’s a lovely little detail even if not too important.

I know some weren’t too pleased with the box but I like that there was some higher end brands and some more affordable – The box is worth over £30 – I know some expect super high values but as long as mine is worth more than I paid then I’m happy (easily pleased I know). Add this to the fact that four out of five of the items are full sized, and they fit nicely with the theme. Well I’m happy with mine.

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It’s Glossybox time! Only this morning I was thinking, I hadn’t seen anything come up on Facebook about dispatch day so was wondering when the boxes were due and, lo and behold, my postie arrived a little while later with that all familiar box sporting the Glossbox logo!

As you’d, probably, expect this month’s box has the theme of ‘Love’ – The box is just so so cute, it’ll be a definite keeper for me. I’m not one for going crazy over things with Love on them but I just love the text and the colours, it’s a real winner of a box design.
This is the item that I was looking forward to, this month. I don’t like the fact that they give a spoiler, for the next month, in each month’s box but I was intrigued by this one and it really had me excited for the box. By Royal Apothic this is the ‘Tinties’ lip balm in the shade ‘Coral’ – I like lip balm, I like lip balm a lot, and I do get a little swayed by packaging so one that comes in packaging like this is likely to make me go ‘oooh’. Though it’s not all about the exterior, with this one, the balm contains shea butter, argan oil, grape seed oil and almond oil which come together to make a moisturising, faintly nutty smelling product which I expect I’m going to love. This is a full size and they are $14. I’d love one of these in a berry shade (hint hint, Glossybox, you could definitely put these in again!)
I thought the little added extra, of a teeny pack of Love Hearts, was quite sweet – I’m not a fan of them,  myself, but as a valentines related item you can’t get much better.
A rather practical item, next, the Wilkinson Sword ‘Hydro Silk’ is something that I expect a lot of people won’t be too thrilled by but, personally, I think it’s quite a cool thing to get in a box. That battle with body hair is one most of us will relate to – Of course, there are many who don’t shave, as their hair removal method of choice, but if you do then this could be really handy and a good money saver. The retail value of this is £9.99 so you’ve covered the cost of the box, with this one item, and got everything else too.
Next up we have a tiny little ‘Lip & Cheek Cream’ palette from So Susan – This isn’t listed, on the GB card, as a full sized item but the card says that full size is 4g and the box for this says it’s 4g soo…. not entirely sure if this is full or sample sized. The full size is worth £8 though.
The four shades are all very different which could make this a fab little addition to a travel makeup bag, especially as you’d need to apply it with your fingers as you’d not get a brush in there, thus taking away the need for a brush too. A gave all of these a couple of swipes to build them up, a bit, but they’re definitely a product that could go on subtly or be built up for a stronger hit of colour. You could make a huge amount of looks with these and their soft, almost matte effect, is rather beautiful.
B.Cosmetics show up in Glossybox boxes quite regularly so it was no big surprise to find an item in there this month. This ‘B. Defined’ eyebrow kit is a useful little item to have in there, and should be something that suits a  lot of people – I got the mine in the ‘dark’ colour set which is right for me, so hopefully others got theirs in whatever colour suits them. 

The little quad contains a creamy highlighter, a brow gel and then a dark brown and a medium cool brown brow powder. The medium shade, on the right, is pretty much the perfect shade for me but the recommendation is to mix the two powders, on the back of your hand, to get the perfect mix.

Again this isn’t listed, on the GB card, as a full sized item but it clearly is and it retails at £9.99. I have a lot of brow products but little palettes like this can be really handy – I may keep this or I may pass it on to my sister who’s begun wearing glasses and discovered the need to do more with her brows, now.

The last item in this box is the Marsk mineral eyeshadow in the shade ‘Fifty Shades’ – Yes, that’s a deliberate name, haha. When I saw a Marsk shadow in the box I was excited and hoped for something that I’d wear a lot so was a little disappointed with this shade – Greys, smoky or not, aren’t something I wear very often. That said… so, So pretty. 
It’s a beautiful slate grey shade with a crazy level of shimmer to it. In the pics above I’ve swiped it on to the skin without blending too much, but when I blended it it transformed, even further, in to something even more beautiful. If someone was in to shimmery smoky eye looks then this shadow would be perfect and, I think, I’ll probably keep it for if I do want to make that look… honestly, beautiful. This tub is 1.2g, which is full sized, and is worth a rather hefty £14.49. 
All in all, a pretty good value box with a nice mix of high end and high st items in it. I do like that Glossybox include high st items, as well as the higher end, because it’s nice to try that out too, and to love something that’s affordable to re-purchase. It’s an impressive amount of full sized items and I do think they’re rather valentines appropriate, you could make most of a look with what’s in the box. Nicely done Glossybox, brought back from being a bit meh for a few months.