Today I am having an ‘I’m going to get better day’. It’s been over seven years since my fibromyalgia diagnosis, since I realised I wasn’t going to have everything from life that I hoped, I am a long way down the path of learning to cope, but I don’t believe it’s a path that’ll ever end and that’s fine.

Since that first diagnosis my fibromyalgia has become a lot worse, I’ve developed any number of new conditions (more on that soon as there’s been some progress with working out what) and life has become harder than it was when I was diagnosed. And, of course, so has coping.

There’s a lot of ways to cope with a diagnosis of something chronic and a lot, for me, revolves around acceptance, about understanding your new limitations and learning to look forward to the new things your life has to offer. But some days you seem to forget that acceptance (and I know I’m not alone in this). Some days you decide you’re going to get better one day and you think about how your life will be when you do.

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I was browsing a discussion about recommended subscription boxes, as I haven’t been feeling overly excited by boxes over the past few months, when I saw someone mention ‘The Curated Combination’ and was intrigued. This box is made by bloggers, for bloggers, it’s released in very limited quantities in the hope that the blogger who buy it are inspired to write about what they get. For £12.50 they promise to avoid the foil packets and give products really worth writing about (and it certainly looks like they deliver!).

When the box first arrived I wasn’t sure what it was, they haven’t invested in chic packaging or fancy branding and you won’t find me complaining about that. As nice as pretty boxes are, the contents are far more important!

And here’s what I got! (Normally I’d do more detailed photos but kids, sunlight and life, need I say more?)
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If you’re a regular reader you’ll be aware that my health has been somewhat of a nightmare for a long time now. You’ll also have noticed that my posting has become even more sporadic than it has been in a long time. You wouldn’t be wrong to assume that these two things are linked.

My last health update was quite a hopeful one, not hopeful in terms of not being ill, that boat has sailed, but in terms of finding out answers, I didn’t have any yet, but I really thought I was close to understanding what was going on, I was wrong. If you’d like to see that post, to further understand the back story, you can find it here.

I’m going to try to keep this as, relatively, brief as I can but it’s long which, I appreciate can make it hard to read, but I promise it makes it a bit rubbish to live through too. I’ve put a super quick summary at the end but for more detail keep reading.

My new ‘Health Folder’ as a way to get everything in order and take back some control of how all over the place everything is

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I will, very rarely, run a giveaway for a product that I’ve not tried out, or experienced, myself but when I was offered the chance to give away a copy of Disney’s ‘Moana’ on DVD I felt like I’d be letting you all down if I said no.

I’ve not seen Moana but I have heard so, so much about it. Ever since the film has come out I’ve seen and heard friends talking about how much their children, and they, enjoyed it. I’ve had people say that they’ve had the soundtrack on repeat for weeks and that it’s one of the best Disney they’ve ever seen. As such I can’t wait to watch it, myself, but for now I will have to make myself feel better by knowing I’m going to give one of you the chance to watch it instead.

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Hotel Chocolat asked me to do something a bit different, this year, rather than just reviewing one of their products they’ve asked me to share my ‘Mum Moments’ with you. They very kindly sent me their Mother’s Day Sleekster box, which I will enjoy, as well as asking me to run a giveaway for one of you to win a Sleekster too! If you want to enter the giveaway then you’ll find out how later on in the post, I look forward to hearing some of your Mum Moments too.
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