I’ve called this my first MINA (or 3INA)  haul because I have already made a second order and, so, know that there’ll be a second haul in the not too distant future. I discovered this brand when I was trying to buy some shoes from Asos in February and needed an extra item to get free delivery. I wear cream eye  shadow much more than I wear powder, so, a cream eye shadow from a new brand seemed like a great add on.

MINA is a brand who started their UK presence in a store in Covent Garden last year (2016) but are originally from Sweden. They can now be found in Selfridges on Oxford Street, as well as their original store and, more importantly for those of us not in London, are also stocked online. They can be found at Asos as well as their own website https://uk.3ina.com/

To cut a long story short, I loved the cream eye shadow and before long I knew I needed more shades and to try some more products from this brand.
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