The first time I saw ‘Bronze Me Up’ I wanted to buy it, but I didn’t and I really don’t know why! I think I was having a ‘No, I’m going to be well behaved’ day. Needless to say the next time I saw it I bought it (as part of a 3for2 with two other lovely effects polishes) because it’s just so beautiful; yes, it’s bronze, but in some lights it looks more deep rose gold, it’s just Very very nice.

The photo isn’t the best but you can see that it has the orangey tones of a bronze but it does still have that hint of pink that changes it in different light. I decided not to buy one of the nudes from the range to use it with as I decided that I was sure to have plenty of polishes it would go with, and I was right, I do. But, of course, the nude stuck in my mind and when I had a Boots order to do and 2 things I needed to get, in a 3for2, ‘Bare it all’ just seemed like the obvious thing to get – I had the idea of the pairing of these two stuck in my head.
It looks a bit greyer than I remembered it but it’s very nice on and it goes perfectly with the bronze glitter. See:
And you can see how it’s bronze in some lights, and a very dark rose gold in others? Yeah I love this combo and I Love that glitter. The bronze lends itself up to being an autumnal shade but I think this combo will work all year round and I’m, most definitely, going to be using it all year round!

I want to try this glitter with some other base shades – Is there anything any of you would like to see it with?

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I bought this beautiful Leighton Denny polish for £5.50 from Bath & Unwind during their January sales – I don’t own other of their polishes so I was a bit excited to find out whether or not they were as good as I’d heard and, yay, I love it!
This shade is ‘Starlet’ and it’s this beautiful gold, green, black shade – It’s got so many dimensions and is just stunning.


This is a real favourite polish and it was a dream to apply – Hope I can get my hands on another Leighton Denny, or 10, in the future!

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I don’t know why I haven’t tried these together before but I just love these two polishes together!

The metallic rose gold of Essie’s ‘Penny Talks’  is fantastic for a polished, sleek look but add in an accent nail of Barry M’s ‘Dutchess’ from their Royal Glitter collection and you’ve got a sudden addition of sparkle, glitz and texture – I really like the way these work together – It’s not in your face but also not totally subtle either, it’s in between – Either way it’s stunning and would be great for a multitude of occasions!

This nail look has been published in a post before but it was right at the bottom and it wasn’t the main feature which I think is a shame as I’m really happy with the way that it turned out. 

I made this look when I was creating a look for an MUA competition – I wanted to make a look based on the colours of tarnished gold and purple and I had an image of a nail gradient that I wanted to create with those shades. Of course I’d never done a gradient before but I wasn’t going to let that stop me! 
Considering this was the result of my first ever attempt at a gradient I was quite pleased with it and I absolutely love the colour combination. I just kept looking at my nails until I changed them a few days later. 

The shades I used were ‘Uptown Glamour’ by Nails Inc which was the freebie with Glamour mag and one of the £1 polishes by MUA in the shade ‘Deepest Purple’ – I love how the warmth in the gold made the purple a more plum colour which is exactly what I was hoping would happen and is why I didn’t go for a plummier shade in the first place. 

More recently I’ve been doing lots of block colour looks with an accent nail on each hand – One of my favourite glitters is Barry M’s ‘Amethyst’ and I’ve tried it on top of various polishes but this combination is one of my favourites. 
Please excuse the odd imperfection in my polish, I seem to have forgotten how to paint my nails properly ever since my two weeks off. 

I just like how the pink, purple, gold and blues of this glitter sit upon a bright shade like ‘Greenberry’