I was sent this Sensationail ‘Coral Sunset’ starter kit to trial so long ago, I feel awful that it’s taken me to long to try it out. Originally it was sent use for a pedicure but, due to some of the new health stuff going on, I’m not in any position to be showing you my feet at the moment (they’re rather poorly). As such I spent a lot of time waiting for my feet to get better before giving in and deciding I’d trial it for a manicure instead.
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I hadn’t heard of NailPolish.co.uk before they contacted me, but now that I have I am rather worried about how I’m going to keep my nail polish collection in control. I’ve just been very very good and passed on a large amount of my old polishes, that I no longer use, but with sites like this around it’s going to be hard to not fill that space right back up again! With OPI polishes between £4.95 and £6.96 and China Glaze from £2.95 to £4.95 amongst many other brands and prices, and with free delivery over £15… you can see my point, I think.

I was asked to pick two or three nail polishes to feature on the blog and it was great fun going through the clearance section and discovering quite how many festive, beautiful polishes were available for such amazing prices.
So imagine my surprise when this amazing bundle of goodies arrived through my door – As well as the polishes I’d requested I was sent a few tools to give an example of the other items they stock sometimes.
Unfortunately, one of the OPI polishes that I requested had gone out of stock by the time my order went through (You can guess how quickly these sell at such amazing prices!) so the team picked me a different option. They picked So well, though, that the replacement they sent ‘Sleigh Ride For Two’ by OPI, is one I already have! So rather than fuss with returning it we agreed that I’d run a giveaway for one of you lovely people to win it, so if you want to know more about that, pop to the bottom of the post.
These are the three nail polishes that they sent me – Top left is ‘Sleigh Ride for Two’, top right ‘Sprung’ and bottom is ‘White on White’ by China glaze.
‘Sleigh Ride for Two’ is the polish that you’ll have a chance to win and it’s a gorgeous deep plum with a really subtle shimmer to it; it’s perfect for winter and makes a nice festive shade if you don’t want to opt for reds and golds every time.


I’ve taken pictures of this one from two angles as the shimmer is so subtle that it doesn’t show up so easily on camera, but I think I’ve managed to capture it in these two (don’t worry I swatched with my bottle, the giveaway bottle is un-opened). It’s such a beautiful shade, as I’m sure you’ll agree, and it only takes a couple of coats to get it nice and opaque.
‘Sprung’ is a shade that instantly caught my attention. I Really didn’t need another shimmery, glittery,  metallic shade but just Look how pretty! I love the bronze/copper/red/pink mix of shades in this one; it’s, absolutely, a perfect Autumn/Winter shade. It reminds me of autumn leaves, but the sparkle also makes it very festive too.
So so so much pretty! I am, absolutely, in love with this polish! And the fact that it’s only £4.95 is astounding to me, especially when it’s from a brand like OPI.
Lastly I want to talk about ‘White on White’ from China Glaze. I haven’t photographed the bottle again because… well it’s a plain white polish. I also haven’t swatched it on its own for the same reason.
I asked for this polish because I think that anyone who is in to nail art Needs to have a white polish; it’s ideal for nail stamping, polka dots and any number of designs. Also, it crossed my mind that white is pretty festive, especially with the right top coat. I popped a white/silver glitter on top of it (‘Polar Bear’ by W7) which I think makes it a fantastic, sparkly, festive nail look. For £2.95 this is worth adding on to your order because it’s a great quality white – When I think of white I expect to need lots of coats but I only needed 1-2 for this one which was fantastic.
So, yes, I think you can expect some future NailPolish.co.uk orders from me, there’s so many gorgeous shades and for such amazing prices. My order arrived super fast, too, which is great when you’re trying to prepare for a big event and don’t have lots of time.
Ooh, but let’s not forget that giveaway! The giveaway is uk only, runs until 14th December and the only mandatory option is to follow via Twitter, all of the other options are optional.
– You must be 18 or over to enter the giveaway
– The Giveaway is UK only.
– The winner will be picked, randomly, via Rafflecopter
– There will be one winner
– The winner will have 28 days to reply to my email confirming their winning.
– The giveaway runs until midnight on 14th December.

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Alright so I’m pushing the boundaries a little by talking about summer where, if the weather is the same there as it is here, it’s grey and rainy. But hey, if we can’t use beauty to add a little brightness in to our lives, when it’s like this, then when can we?

I was asked to write a sponsored post about a site called JustMyLook , who I’d never heard of before, by showing you the new mini collection which showcases the 2015 S/S Hawaii range from OPI – I love bargain beauty sites and I Love OPI nail polishes so it was a bit of a win win. I’ve been checking out the full range of OPI polishes over on the site and I have to say I am a little tempted, they come in at £8.35 each, with free delivery and there’s a huge range of shades on there (I’m, of course, drawn in by the mauves, dusky shades and the glitters but don’t tell my husband, I’m not allowed more nail polishes, I just gave away a lot).

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Just wanted to share my Nails Inc sale haul with you because I got some Amazing bargains. Sadly a few of the things are out of stock, now, as things took a long while to arrive, but I took a look at the sale earlier and there’s still some pretty amazing bargains to be had, well worth taking a look.

As well as this, due to it being delayed by quite a lot. Nails Inc were kind enough to send a full sized ‘Kensington Caviar – 45 Second Top Coat’ which I think is really good of them, there’s companies out there who’ve had delays but aren’t even apologising. Very very nicely done Nails Inc.

Soo… Ahem… yes. I bought a few nail polishes. In my defence this cost me around £32, and that was including postage (If I’d spent a little more I’d have got free postage but even I know my limits)… so this works out at less than £2 a polish, for Nails Inc! When they’re normally £12 each getting them for £5 each is amazing but less than £2 each is wow (It’d have been about £2 each had I not got the extra top coat free, of course). 
So, I was going to tell you what came in each collection and how much they were but I realised I put two polishes out of order so it’s not going to make sense anyway, plus the collections I got are either OOS or not on there any more. I will suggest you look on the sale page, though, because there’s some equally good collections still available, just slightly different from the ones I got, as well as single polishes for £5 and some other interesting bits and bobs.

Instead of the collections I’ll just tell you what the polishes I have, are, if they are still available in the sale I’ll link to them. So top row L-R we have: ‘Green Park’, ‘Cork Street’, ‘The Southbank’, ‘Oakley Gardens’ and ‘Upper Street’.

On top of the box, L-R, we have, ‘Hampstead Court’ and ‘Chelsea Embankment’.

Down to the bottom row, from L-R ‘Horse Guards Parade’, ‘Draycott Avenue’, ‘A&E Base Coat’, ‘Albert Bridge Top Coat’, ‘Gloucester Walk’, ‘George Street’, ‘Jermyn Street’ (the 45 second top coat in a box) and ‘Kings Road’. 

Soo… yes. I have been doing some makeup clear-out stuff recently, and I have a lot more to do, so these polishes are going to fill in the gaps left by the polishes that I don’t use anymore, or are old etc. And just look how beautiful they are! Very, very in love. I do think Nails Inc is one of my favourite nail polish brands, when I can afford them, and it seems that Christmas Sale time is when I can afford them!

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You may remember my having posted about some gorgeous Moyra polishes that I was sent, recently, to try out. I only had some basic swatches to show you in the previous post, HERE, so I thought I’d start doing some more pretty looks with them to share with you too. I’ve only started simple, with some polka dots, but I do love me some polka dots; especially with a pastel colour for the spring.
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