I’m amazed that I’m managing to post my March favourites as early as today! Might sound a bit silly but considering I’m still only just beginning to win the battle with the THIRD bout of illness which took place in March, I expected it’d be even later into April that I’d actually get it posted!

Despite all of the poorly times, I still managed to use plenty of beauty products in March so, thankfully, I still have plenty to talk about. I didn’t wear make-up on my most poorly days but I have used it as camouflage on lots of quite poorly days, so that I look a little less like the walking dead (relevant humour and everything, wow I must be feeling better!)

So, here are my March beauty favourites (There are some non beauty favourites which aren’t in this main pic but will be added in to the bottom of the post, not that they’re less important, they just didn’t really fit into the picture too well)

Quite a few obvious things, I think, but never mind, I don’t mind being obvious, these are the things I loved this month!
My Real Techniques brushes. I just knew these were going to be in the first favourites post that I did after I got them and considering I got them at the very beginning of March, here they are! These brushes I have are the powder brush, blush brush, buffing brush, contour brush, setting brush, pointed foundation brush and detailer brush.

The ones I’ve used most have been the buffing brush, blush brush, contouring brush and the setting brush – Each of them has been used almost daily (though my beauty blender means that it’s not been every day for the buffing brush) – The others I’ve used very regularly even though not every day. I love them all; they’ve made applying makeup just so so much easier and they make me want more Real techniques brushes even though I don’t really need any more. Maybe one day!

As with my past favourites posts, it’s still very much about what’s easy for me and these Scandaleyes Shadow sticks by Rimmel are just fantastically easy to use! I love this shade which is ‘Bullet-proof beige’ as it’s just a soft, shimmery neutral. It can be drawn over the whole lid, blended out a bit and worn as a really simple eye look with mascara for a really simple, day to day look. So so easy, so pretty; it lasts all day, it doesn’t crease – What more could you want?! 
I’ve been really loving lip products in pencil form recently, I love the Jelly Pong pong pencil I got in the March Glossybox and the Revlon Just Bitten kissable balm stains too – But this month it’s been all about the Soap and Glory Sexy Mother Pucker Gloss Stick in ‘Plum Jam’ – It’s a lip gloss without being all liquid and messy to apply, it smells beautiful, I love the shade, I love the texture and I really do love things in pencil form at the moment. I think all pencil lip products are going to replace lip glosses as my spring/summer staple this year!

Here’s a quick swatch for this one:

Next product is the MUA Make up academy Every Lash mascara. Yup, still all about the lashes for me this month, I’m just loving anything to do with them. I’ve still been using the Soap and Glory one I mentioned last month but this MUA one has been the one I’ve used a vast majority of the time. It’s a very natural looking mascara, it really fans my lashes out beautifully, it adds a little volume and some length but not too much of either, it mostly leaves them looking soft and fluttery rather than fake which a lot of good mascaras do. It has one of the weird plastic wands which I thought I was going to hate, but seems I don’t, it smells of apples and it, as with all MUA products, a bargain. I’m still not finished with my lash product discovery but this is a real contender for being my favourite mascara.

The second MUA product for this months favourites is the Pro-Base fixing mist. In the past I would probably just have been quite unsure about products like this but having seen/read plenty of vloggers/bloggers talk about other products similar to this I was really interested to give this a try. I have been using it for a few months now and I really have come to the conclusion that I love it. I don’t use it every day, I tend to save it for days when my make-up is heavier or more powdery, but it’s just fantastic. If I’m looking powdery or cakey it just makes it look better, if I’ve reached part way through the day and things aren’t looking so good, a quick spritz just freshens things up.

It doesn’t have a very strong smell, it’s got a good mist when you spray it and it feels really nice and fresh on the skin. I feel like it makes a good difference to my make-up and when I’ve finished this bottle I will, undoubtedly, get another – I want to have this product in my collection long term. 

What a surprise, the Revlon Nearly Naked foundation! I won’t say much about this, every blogger and vlogger out there has been mentioning this recently, and understandably so. I’m absolutely loving this foundation. I don’t really look for heavy coverage and this is light to medium, but it is quite buildable if you want more coverage, so it’s exactly the sort of formula that I like. I got it in the palest shade which is 110 Ivory as I have pink undertones in my super pale skin and it’s a fantastic match, it blends in perfectly and even without a lot of blending at the neck you don’t get any annoying lines as it’s such a good match to begin with. I love this with my Real Techniques buffing brush and, although there have been some other face products I’ve used this month, this has definitely been the one I’ve used for about 70% of the time.
This is the ‘Mist you madly’ body spray by Soap and Glory. I love love love their scents and this one was the first fragrance of theirs that I bought. I’ve been using this particular one a lot this month as I got a second bottle for Christmas so need to get this older one used. But because I’ve been using it so much it’s reminded me how much I love it. It’s just a beautiful, sweet, fruity smell with a hint of musk – It’s really easy to wear and these big bottles (250ml) are only £6.50, and they last for ages, plus you can get a mini size to keep in your bag for top ups. I have plenty of their other scents, too, but I’m so glad I’ve been reminded how much I love this one.

A couple of non beauty favourites now. I won’t talk about this one, much, as I wrote a post about it not long ago so I’ll just link it HERE but I really have been loving this this month. We’ve just started watching the second series and goodness is it addictive, I just want to watch it every time we get a moment. 
And, my last favourite of this month (sorry it’s been such a massive post!) – I finally got around to reading ‘Wicked’ by Gregory Maguire. I really want to write a proper post about this some time so won’t spend too much time going into it here (it’s almost 11pm and I really really need a bath!) but I absolutely loved this book. I already knew I would, but I love when you expect great things from a book and then it’s even greater. I still find myself thinking about it and it’s been a couple of weeks since I finished reading it, from time to time I’ll just drift off and think about parts of it, or just about the characters and how much I loved them. It’s been a really long time since a story has  managed to capture me as well as this one did, it was so beautiful and vivid – Absolutely well worth a read; I know I’ll definitely read this one again and again in the future.

Here’s my first post of the things I ordered with my birthday money.

This was a mix of things that I’ve wanted for quite some time now, and a couple of bits which have popped up in various blogs, or just whilst I’ve been searching for other things.

The most exciting thing had to be finally getting myself some Real Techniques brushes. I know these are hardly new and exciting for most people, but I’ve been really really wanting to try these and getting them has been just a bit excitement inducing. I got the Core collection which has the contour brush, the pointed foundation brush, detailer brush and the buffing brush in it and I also got the blush brush and the powder brush. 
The one I wanted the most, surprise surprise, was the buffing brush. It has not been a disappointment – I’ve only been using foundations and bb creams, properly, for a short while, but after seeing this brush in so many videos I just knew I needed to try it as it was going to make using these products just so so much easier. I wasn’t wrong. I plan on re-evaluating all of my foundation and bb cream products now that I have this as it just makes everything so much easier to use! 
The other brushes have all been fantastic too. I absolutely love the contouring brush; I had another brush which I was using for contouring, but this brush just fits the face so much better. The blush brush is just perfect and although I don’t use powder that much I’m wearing it more again just so that I can use this brush! (I’m also experimenting at using it with my ‘Glow all out’ powder to see how that works with a bigger brush for an all over coverage). The detailer brush and the pointed foundation brushes aren’t something I have an obvious use for, but I’m trying them out for a few bits and I do think they’ll find their uses.

I love these brushes so much that you may see another one pop up in a mini feel-unique haul in the not too distant future.

I also ordered the Revlon Nearly Naked foudation in the shade Ivory. I wanted this foundation after I saw just one person mention it in a blog, and then I saw more and more people mention it and every time they did they made me want it more. Even though I’m using foundations now, I’m all about the lighter coverage so this foundation just called out to me. And, as with the brushes, it’s not disappointed. I’ve only used it a couple of times so far, but both times it’s given a good coverage and it’s lasted perfectly, all day. I’ve applied it with, shockingly, the real techniques buffing brush and it’s gone on like an absolute dream. 
When I first heard that ‘CC’ creams were going to be coming out I thought that it was going to be a bit of a silly play on trying to get more from the BB cream fad, a shrugged and promptly thought no more about it. But then, when I was googling for swatches for something else, I came across a blog post about this L’oreal Nude Magique CC cream. The first review seemed good, I looked some more, after about four or five blog posts I just had to try it. The ‘CC’ stands for colour correcting and so you can get these in different colours to do different things for the skin – I chose the ‘anti-redness’ one though thought that the the ‘anti-dullness’ one might be worth a try. 
This cream comes out green, which isn’t what you expect from a cream you’re about to apply liberally over your face. But it seems to do something good. I’ve only had a chance to try this once, but that one time? Well it definitely evened out my redness – It wasn’t gone, but it was better. I definitely look forward to trying this some more and seeing how it goes; I’m quite expecting to be rather pleased. 
The last thing I picked up was a Revlon Just Bitten Kissable balm stain in the shade ‘Darling’. The revlon foundation was part of a buy one get one half price offer so I wanted to get something else, and I’m a rather big fan of revlon lip products, it seems. Recently I’ve been wearing things which aren’t much fuss and don’t take a lot of work and that means these have been pretty invaluable. I wanted another shade that was a bit more pinky as I have ‘crush’ which is the dark berry shade, and ‘honey’ which is a more natural but pinky shade. ‘Darling’ definitely ticks the box for being more of a pinky shade; I’ve only worn it once but thus far it’s a lovely shade and lasts as well as the other two do. Again, I look forward to wearing this more and maybe a proper review shall follow.