I know lots of people are fans of Primark and Poundland hauls so I thought I’d share what I got when we did our bit of shopping when Azii and I had the afternoon together. It was sooo nice being able to go around Primark without having to worry about Ethan getting bored. I didn’t buy much but it was a lovely experience, stress free shopping, I’d forgotten what that was like! 
I absolutely love this little compact mirror. I have various mirrors floating around but this is, by far, by favourite ever. It was £1 from Primark and is soo pretty and so sturdy especially considering the price. Azii actually spotted this, yup, I was impressed too!
All of the clothes are really creased in these photos, sorry, they’d been left in a bag longer than normal. This pretty floral/rose print top is in a shiny, sheer fabric which is soo light for the summer. It’s longer at the back than the front and looks so nice with skinny jeans. It was a bargain at £4.

Another absolute bargain £5 primark dress. This one was a total no brainer – It’s a light cotton fabric in the front but the panel at the back, above the cinched waist, is lace. It’s a skater style and the light fabric makes it really nice and floaty. It’s a really comfortable dress and just, so so pretty. I’m wearing it today and I love it. 

I’ve actually already got one of these shirts. They’re sleeveless and really long, the fabric is very sheer so they wear nicely with skinny jeans and a vest underneath (or not depending on how you want to wear it) – I bought this simply because it was marked down to £2 and the first one I have is so comfortable and easy to wear. 

 We weren’t going to go to poundland as I didn’t Need any bargain cosmetics. But we were near by, and you know what it’s like! I’m so pleased we did go, the bargains I got were well worth it! Make-up wise, the one on the left is a bronzer and blush duo by Milani (which I Believe you can only get in the US?) and the one on the right is a single eyeshadow by Famous by Sue Moxley which is a lovely dark taupey colour and is a really nice shadow.

I’d been looking to get some of the strawberry cream dairy milk but whenever I went to a shop it wasn’t there so I was Very pleased to see it in poundland (SO tasty too!)

Lastly we got two dvds. I couldn’t believe that they were in there, there’s often some half decent films in poundland but I was surprised to see these two in there. We got ‘The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning’ and ‘Halloween II’ (the remake version) – They may turn out to be rubbish films but for £1 each it’s hardly going to be a shame if they do!

Some proper bargains from both Poundland and Primark on this shopping trip!

We went to town the other day because I’ve been seeing some Amazing posts about what people have been picking up in Poundland and I didn’t want to miss out, unfortunately my local poundland is naughty and none of the really good stuff was anywhere to be found. We also had to get some bits from town, it’s my eldest nephew’s birthday and so I needed to pick him up some bits and just things like that.

I did, despite the disappointment at no super exciting stuff, pick up a few bits for The Boy and I, nothing massive, just a few nice little bargains. So here’s what we got.

These are the things I got for the boy, spent a grand total of £5 for the three things, I’m sure you’ll agree that’s an utter bargain.
The little red, diecast car was from poundland as was the Uki book. The Boy LOVES Uki from ‘Show me Show me’ on Cbeebies and, although we don’t watch telly much anymore, he still shouted ‘Mooki!’ when he saw it. It’s a bit young for him now as he knows his colours and numbers but it was £1 and it has Uki in it, why not?
The car was a bit of a no brainer as he’s obsessed with my Mum’s little red car, he even recognises cars of the same model and colour and thinks that it must be Grandma. This little toy car isn’t anything like my Mum’s but as far as The Boy is concerned, it’s just like it. He loves it and has played with it Loads since he got it and it’s been to bed with him a few times too.
Lastly comes the ‘Moon Dough’. I went to The Entertainer toy shop to get something for my nephew and on the way out I saw a display of a Massive box of 20 sachets of Moon Dough for £6 and it seemed wrong to not go back in and have a look. There was no way we were going to get the huge box home as we were having to walk half the way, and the buggy was already heavy enough, but I couldn’t say no to this 10 sachet box for £3. We’ve not played with it yet, but I am quite looking forward to it, it seems really interesting and it might help The Boy become more tactile as he’s funny with different textures.
And here’s my mini haul.
The two bits from poundland are in the middle. There’s a peachy coloured ‘Chit Chat’ lip pencil. I’ve got a couple of their nail glitters and they’re pretty average but I figured, for £1, why not? It’s a nice shade and it’s quite sheer so it only gives a light tint to the lips but that’s what I’m going for most of the time at the moment so it’s pretty good.
I also picked up the tube of Neutrogena Visibly clear gel. I know it might not be the newest, but then the things we get from other places have likely been stored for a long time too. It was sealed just fine and seems ok to me. I’ve yet to try it out because I’ve just come to my one and only clear skin week of the month(!) but  I’ll have plenty of time to use it soon I’m sure!
I picked up the Barry M angled eyeliner brush from Superdrug for £2.99 as I have been really wanting one but struggling to get hold of one for some, weird, reason. I have to say the gorgeous colour of this brush added to the appeal, but mostly it was a great bargain for exactly the type of brush I need. It’s got a really fine end and it works nicely, I’ll need to  use it more to really say, though.

Lastly is my bargain sandals from Primark. I only have one pair of sandals, which I love but have this one bit that rubs my foot, so I thought I’d check out another pair and these were half price down to £3. I used to have spikes everywhere, back in my black clothes, black makeup and black… everything phase, but now that they’re in fashion I haven’t had any. These seem fine though, I tried them on and they feel quite comfy, I don’t plan on walking miles in them but I’m not up for walking miles in any footwear so I think that’ll be fine! Now we just need the nice weather to return so I can bumble about on a walk around the block in them (Yup, it’s an exciting life!)

We went to town a few days ago and we went to those oh so inevitable shops… Poundland and Primark – It seems impossible to go to town without visiting these establishments and it seems impossible not to buy at least Something!

To be fair, we got some fantastic bargains, and I actually went to Primark with something I actually wanted to get!

Poundland first. We got a few home bits, a few toddler bits and a couple of beauty bits.

For the boy we got a Pirate Adventure book, a duo of a football and a rugby ball (he’s a bit obsessed with football out of the blue at the moment) and an awesome giant bag of bubblebath! I love getting his bubble baths from poundland, so much cheaper than elsewhere and often more exciting too.
I also picked up a vanilla candle in a screw top jar, couldn’t beat this for £1, even the jar will be fantastic to keep afterwards. We also picked up four plastic picnic plates, which are homeware but they’re not going to be used as such; I’ve kept 1 for putting nail polish on for nail art and the other three are for The Boy to go as a part of his tea set. Lastly, four really pretty floral coasters. All of these things seem like they’re worth much more than £1 each!
The couple of beauty items I picked up were a ‘Bourjois rouge hi-tech lip tint’ and a Famous sparkle top coat. The lip tint is a weird colour but seems to be ok blended out and dried on. And the famous polish is gorgeous, it’s an iridescent polish with the tiniest holographic glitters in. Can’t wait to try it out.
From Primark it was two bargains:
I went in to buy the candle after seeing one similar on a post on Katie from ‘Beauty and the Baker‘s post. They didn’t have the exact same one but the one I got smells divine and is so cute.Whilst I was in there, though, I saw this really cute polka dot dress for £5 – These £5 dresses are just soooo nice, well made, lovely style, lovely patterns and such an amazing price. I don’t have a polka dot dress… or I didn’t, I do now!

Here’s a quick closeup of the candle I picked up:


We went to town not long ago, whilst my best friend was visiting, and, of course, Poundland was on our list of destinations. It just seems wrong to not pop in there and look around, even just for the children’s books and the beauty. That said, I think that once we have our own place we’ll be popping in there for snack type foods and maybe household cleaning and the likes too.

There wasn’t a lot in the way of beauty, or not things that appealed anyway, but I did pick up one real bargain and I got some great bargain books for The boy too.

Firstly, my beauty bits:

I picked up  the makeup sponges because I’ve been meaning to get some for ages so that I can try out gradient effects on my nails, and 24 for a pound seemed too good to ignore.

Of course the mega bargain is the gift box of three, yes Three, miners blushes! These weren’t in the beauty section, they were opposite on another aisle, in a ‘gift’ section. So so glad I found them. Three miners blushes for £1!

As you can see there’s a super pale pinky one which is almost white, it has a lovely sheen to it so I can’t wait to use it as a highlight powder. There’s a really pretty peachy shade and a lovely pink too. Can’t believe my luck in finding these; they’re a lovely formula and I am impressed with the pigmentation.

How pretty do these look for 33p each! The peachy one looks a bit pale but that’s because it had caught the light and so it’s the shimmer in it, reflecting. Can only just see the palest one, but you can see how lovely the sheen is – Perfect highlight colour!

Our other bargains came in the form of some books. Last time we went there was barely any children’s books but, thankfully, there was loads this time. I asked The Boy if he wanted a Mike the Knight one, or an Octonauts one, or maybe Peppa pig. He chose a pop up book of a mermaid in a castle which seems an odd choice seeing as he’s obsessed with the Octonauts. As such, I let him get his castle book but I insisted on picking up the two Octonauts books, too as I knew I’d regret it, they’re fantastic and even more so at that price.

 I also picked up a handful of multipacks of soft mints as both The Fiance and I have become crazily addicted this month, but that’s a whole other story!

The fact that Poundland now do branded cosmetics is a wonderful little bonus when very very low on funds!

We were in town with one of my close friends at the end of last week and I had a few errands to run but I also decided to pop in to Poundland. Primarily I wanted to get a book for The Boy so that it would help keep him busy during the rest of the time in town but I also knew I’d just have to have a quick look at the cosmetics section, it would be wrong not to?!

There was loads there, and a lot that I ummed and ahhed over, but most of it I didn’t like quite enough, even for just £1. So what I came away with was two lipsticks by Sleek! I couldn’t believe that there was Sleek stuff in there, there was a few other ones in there too, in their bolder colours but I opted for the sheer finish ones. 

The shades aren’t really what I expected from the packaging but I like them anyway – I expected the shade ‘Satin’ to be so pale that it was almost nothing and the shade ‘Organza’ to be a peachy pink but as it turns out  ‘Satin’ is a lovely peachy colour and ‘Organza’ is a stronger pink – I have worn them both, though, and they’re really nice. I, obviously, have no idea how genuine they are, but I like to believe that they are the real thing because I don’t own any sleek yet, but now I can say I do!

I also did manage to pick up a book for the little one, too, as originally planned. Unfortunately they didn’t have anywhere near as many as normal, so I had to get him one which won’t last him long at all but he does really like it and I’m trying to get him to be careful with it… and he is trying but that doesn’t mean it’ll actually work, heavy handed is one way of putting it.