Silly me, I shared some pics of me wearing this lipstick the other day and called it ‘Vintage Rose’… no it’s ‘Vintage Pink’! – Well at least I’ve realised before putting a post up, that’d been even more silly.

I bought this lipstick just after Rimmel re-did the moisture renew range so I’ve had it a while. When I bought it, I loved it, but it’s easy to get lost amongst all of the other lip products I have and that’s exactly what this one did. I’m very very glad that I picked it as my lipstick for the day, yesterday, as I have got a renewed love for it, it’s amazing!

I love the packaging of these; it feels strong and well made but as well as that the purple outer casing and the distinctive shape mean that it’s easy to pick it up out of a collection. Though the slanted top does mean you can’t store it with the shade pointing up which would be an issue if you had more than one shade!

This shade is a gorgeous, cool toned rose sort of shade. I’m not good at describing shades but that’s what I’m thinking with this one – I definitely love the name ‘Vintage Pink’ because it really really suits the shade.

The formula is thick and creamy and not at all drying – It glides on to the skin amazingly well and the pigmentation is fabulous. In some lights it looks flatter but once it catches the light it really does look creamy and moisturising on the lips.
As much as I try to make warm toned things work for me, it’s clear that this cool toned lipstick suits my pale, cool toned skin. I absolutely love it and I think it’s an absolute all year round shade – In fact, in this pic, it’s quite close to the orchid pink colour of the year?

I definitely want more in this formula, even though I already have too many lipsticks! It’s so so good! The moisture renew lipsticks can be bought for £6.49 from both Boots and Superdrug as we as a variety of online sites. Superdrug do, currently have a 3-for-2 on all cosmetics so you could grab a bargain too. 

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I’ve enjoyed the Rimmel Apocalips since I first got ‘Celestial’, ‘Big Bang’ and ‘Luna’ a good few months ago. I’ve not worn them Loads because they can be a bit tricky to wear but I’ve picked them up again recently and been loving them all over again.

A short while ago I discovered that over in the US there was a number of extra shades available which I was rather jealous of, especially as one of them really caught my eye. Needless to say I was a little bit excited when I discovered that the new shades were going to be coming over to the UK.

The shade that I’ve had my heart set on for a while is ‘Aurora’ and as they were on buy one get one half price in Boots I also picked up ‘Shooting Star’ as it seemed to be a warmer, more pinky nude than the original nude shade from the range. I got these for £6.99 each, but as I say they were on offer plus I actually paid for them with my boots points so, really, they were freee.

This shade is ‘Shooting Star’ as you can see it’s a nice nude but not too light, which is why I was hoping it’d be quite wearable for someone with pale skin like me.
And this one is ‘Aurora’ – I was expecting it to be a little more of a terracota orange/red shade but this orangey pink shade is still really, really nice. 


As you can see, with both of these, the swatches are pretty true to how they come across in the tube. The formula is exactly the same as the original shades, really opaque plus nice and creamy. (This one is, obviously, Shooting star)
I really am a bit in love with Aurora, there’s something really different about this shade, I expect to wear this a lot especially because I think it could fit with the colour ranges for all seasons due to the pink/red/orange nature of it.

Very, very pleased to have got these.

Yay my Rimmel nail nurse treatment finished a couple of days ago so I’ve been able to start wearing some of my nail polishes that I won in the #EssentialBeauty comptition!

I’m really happy with the results I’ve had with this product. My nails are, naturally, really weak so it’s about time that I tried something to improve the quality and strength of them.

This was a two week treatment and I’ve definitely noticed a difference in the strength of my nails during the treatment and, still, since it’s finished. I still have lots of faults in my nails, and they’re still peeling in some places but these are very old problems and they’re not going to go away over night. I am hoping, though, that because my nails are stronger now I’ll be able to grow some of the peeling areas and some of the faults out.

Also, during the no polish time, I’ve managed to buff and soak my nails a couple of times which has managed to remove some of the staining on them – Not all of it but a good deal of it.


Here they are at the beginning of the treatment.



And here my nails are now, they look soo much better than they did before and they’re bending soo much less. Yay! A product I’m definitely going to use again and would definitely recommend, especially at the bargain price of £4.49.

I, naturally, have really weak nails which bend, break and flake at any given opportunity. The fact that I have them painted 99% of the time probably doesn’t help and the fact that fibro can cause these same issues as well means that I have really, really difficult nails which sucks as they’re something I put a lot of work in to.
I try to keep them trimmed but despite that they often end up snapping off so I’ll have some longer and some shorter. The weird thing, too, is that my nails grow Really fast so, even though I try to keep them trimmed, they’ll often grown and then snap before I realise that they need trimming again! Along side that is the issue that I’ve got certain faults in the nail that always grow back in the same place so they’ll break, again, in exactly the same way as they have done for a really long time.
As such I’ve been thinking about using some sort of treatment on them. My first thoughts were to try and get hold of OPI’s nail envy but I just couldn’t justify the cost. Thankfully the lovely Kate at Sparkle Dust mentioned that Rimmel do a nail rescue polish and I set out looking for that but, in true form, I couldn’t find it. I, now, think that that’s because Rimmel have recently released their ‘Nail Nurse’ range. I picked up the Nail Nurse Nail Rescue from Superdrug for £4.49 just over a week ago and it has the same claims as the original nail rescue that I was looking for.
The treatment is supposed to last for 14 days and you apply the polish on the first day, a second coat on the second day and then you remove it and do the same again when you reach the seventh day. I’ve had it on my nails for four days now and I’m already noticing a difference in the strength – They’re not bending or snapping and the flakey bits aren’t being a nuisance either; they just feel so much better.
I’m looking forward to seeing how this has worked on my nails once I reach the end of the two week course, partly because I am really impressed so far and partly because I’m already itching to paint my nails again! I’m going to update when it’s finished as I’m really interested to see if the improvements last past the polish being removed or if it’s only going to work whilst it’s actually applied.


Please forgive my disgusting, discoloured nails. I’m hoping that that’s going to improve lots during the time that I have my nails unpainted! You can’t see a lot of the faults in my nails here but you can see how some of them have snapped off and some are longer, plus if you look at the nail on the far left of the bottom one you can see a patch of discolouration where polish has been ingrained in some of the flaked parts of the nail.
I know you can’t see that much from these and, if I’m honest I don’t think you’ll be able to see much physical difference even when I’ve finished using this product but just in case you can I thought it’d be good to document!I’ll be back in another week or so to let you know how this has gone!

I’ve had a bit of a lucky month this month, I’ve had a couple of little windfalls where I got some unexpected money due to being reimbursed for things that I paid for quite a long time ago and a couple of other things, so, I allowed myself a couple of bigger hauls than I’d normally get. First there’s this boots one, and then in a few days you’ll see an Escentual one and an Elf one. I wouldn’t normally spend all of this on myself in the space of a month, but this was special circumstances (yay).


There was a buy one get one half price running on cosmetics so the Rimmel salon pro polish and one of the Barry M’s were both half price, yay.
I got the Seventeen ‘On the spot’ foundation in porcelain (rrp £6.99). I’ve been wanting this foundation ever since I saw bloggers posting about it before the release, a decent coverage foundation with added salicylic acid to help prevent breakouts and all for £6.99 by a brand that I really like… yeah you can see why this was a pretty essential purchase!
I also picked up the Rimmel Salon pro Kate polish in ‘Brit Pop’ (I got half price for £2.25), the moment I saw this blue toned teal I just neeeeded to get it, it’s a colour I absolutely love and I love rimmel polishes.
I got the Barry M Gelly Hi shine in ‘Blue Grape’ (£3.99) because, as you know, I’m obsessed with that formula and I just couldn’t resist that gorgeous, vivid blue. I also got one of the confetti effect polishes in ‘Dolly Mix’ (I got half price for £1.99) which you’ll see coming up in a future notd post.
I got some Amazing bargains with these three products!
I’ve been really wanting to try the Sanctuary ‘5 Minute thermal detox mask’ after seeing Khila at ‘Miss Budget Beauty‘ talk about it a few times. I’m also utterly obsessed with masks at the moment so getting another just seemed like a good idea! I was so pleased, when I checked this, to see that it was reduced to £8.50 rather than the normal £10.50 so that sealed the deal for me. The weird thing is, though, that Boots also had a deal on where if you spent over £10 on sanctuary you got their Creme souffle body cream for free (it’s work £10.50 I think!) and, even though my product was reduced, it put it in my cart anyway, I can only assume it was based on the original price. So for £8.50 I got the mask and the creme souffle (I feel a bit bad but it was automatically added to my order and I didn’t realise!)
Lastly I got the Good things blemish control gel mask; told you I’m obsessed with masks at the moment! I really like the Good things 5 minute mask that I have already so this one seemed like a good bet, not to mention it’s supposed to help with blemishes?! The best thing, though, was that it was reduced from around £5 or £6 down to £3.33!
So, for £11.83 I got all three products in the photo above – An amazing bargain I think you’ll agree! And with the buy one get one half price the other bits were great deals too! I always get very pleased with myself when I manage a good bargain and love how well you can stretch your money if you find the best offers.