I can’t believe it’s been so long since I posted about geek tees. I posted, a long time back, about some Disney and Doctor Who mash-up tees which I fell in love with and, then a fantastic Big Bang Theory tee, and had every intention of posting regular posts about my awesome finds. And then I didn’t. Believe it or not I’ve bought a lot of geek tees since then, we buy from sites that tend to do two-four designs a day (sometimes two), and then once they’re gone they’re gone. 
If I have an impressive geek tee collection then Azii has an astronomical one, it’s probably the thing he’s bought most of over the past three years. Lucky him, though, can still wear all of his, a lot of mine are in the size small and I’m not a small any more. I’m a medium, except I’ve taken to wearing a large because my restricted mobility in my arms means that getting something fitted on and off is very, very difficult. 
I need to go through and see which tees I can and can’t still wear and maybe put together a bit of a post of my favourites to share with you some of the finds I’ve had over the years. 
But, as always, I digress. Today I am here to talk to you about geek tees from a particular brand. When I was given the chance to review tees for you… my goodness I couldn’t say ‘Yes Please!’ quick enough! 

Tostadora is a company that doesn’t do one off designs, they do a Lot of designs – Their search feature looks through 142,800 t-shirts whenever you do a search! Their prices are a little more than some of the other sites I use, but when they give so so many options to pick from you can understand why they charge that bit more. Plus they offer free postage if you buy 2 or more items. 
I spent a Lot of time doing searches, on their site, looking at Disney, Doctor Who, Game of Thrones and many other fandoms that I subscribe to. I had to stop, after a while, though, as I had too many tabs open, so I decided to try and whittle the ones I’d already found, down to one. 
That didn’t work… Instead I wrote to the company and asked if they’d pick which of the two to send me because I just couldn’t decide. Imagine my surprise when they said they’d like to send me both! I felt very lucky on that day, you can be sure. 
I asked for both of the t-shirts in women’s fit, large, for the reasons I mentioned above. They’re a good sized large and have plenty of room in (I’m a size 12), I could easily have fit a medium but the getting them on and off would’ve been tough so I’m happy to wear them oversized.  

As you can see, in the top picture, the first design of the two is a Big Hero 6 one, the design is called Big Hug and it costs £15.40. I already have a Baymax tee but my goodness I fell in love with this design straight away – I love how cute it is and how it represents the film so well. The transfers feel like good quality and they’ve washed fine. They recommend not tumble trying them, which of course I managed to forget the first time so they got tumbled for about 30 minutes before I took them out to air dry. 

And this is the second design, it’s called ‘Throne of Bones’ and costs £17.10. I Love Lion King and I Love Game of Thrones, so to get a mash-up is just perfect. I’ve seen a number of plays upon the Iron Throne but I’d never seen this design before. I’m really pleased that I’ve ended up with one funny tee and one cute tee, my collection is a balance of the two and it’s nice to have got one of each for the purposes of this post. 
The t-shirts themselves are thinner than I’ve had from other companies but they still feel well made and, to be honest, I’m looking forward to the thinner fabric as the warmer weather sets in. They’ve both washed really well and not lost their shape at all which is always a relief. I’m sorry there’s no pictures of me wearing the t-shirts, I’ve been so incredibly run down recently due to tonsilitus, fibro being bad and various other things, that I’ve just not felt much like getting in front of a camera – I do expect to be doing some shots in the coming weeks, though, and I feel like one of these will be featuring in there so watch this space!
I’m really pleased with my Tostadora tees, though I do think that the discovery of yet another geek tee site could be rather dangerous for Azii and I! Hopefully we’ll manage to be selective but I think they’ll be fantastic for Birthday and Christmas times because it’ll mean being able to search out ones that we specifically like, rather than relying on there being designs on one of the one day sites (Which is why it took months for Azii to get the hoody I bought him at Christmas this year!)

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It looks like Azii has caught the sub box addiction from me… though discovering geek themed sub boxes probably would have happened irrespective of my own boxes, haha. He’s had another sub box for a few months and it’s been good but not exciting enough to make me want to blog about it. But last month we got introduced to Infinity Crate (Thank you Sarah!) and Azii, instantly, asked his Mum if he could get a sub from her, for Christmas.

His first box, the November box, has an Animation theme which is a theme he’s had from another company but we weren’t too impressed with their offerings; we really had high hopes for Infinity crate being able to pull it off much more successfully. The thing that makes IC stand out from other sub boxes is the fact that they ask you to fill in various categories of likes, when you sign up, which they will try to stick to when they put the box together. Now, obviously, you’re not always going to get things off your lists, it depends upon the theme and upon what they have available (for example, if you aren’t a fan of animation then regardless of your likes, you’re not going to be over the moon – Thankfully Azii likes animation a lot!)