Human beings are part of nature. All beings are governed by the Laws of Nature. When we abide by the Laws of Nature there would be peace and harmony. When we go against it, then, there would be chaos and disaster.

The deforestation and the emission of gases from industrialization have resulted in the green house effect on our Mother Earth.

Health is the most precious thing in life. without it, even with all the wealth in the world, one can never really enjoy life.

Research made by scientists shows that human beings could live to about 120 years. However today the average life span of mankind is only 60 to 70 years. This means that man only live half of the actual life span. More tragically, many people spent their last phase of this shortened life span in and out of hospital or bed-ridden because of illness.

Let’s look at the ills of modern living that contribute to the cause:

1]Water pollution – Effluence containing lead, mercury and other heavy metals discharged by chemical plants, weed killers, pesticides and fertilizers used onto the ground are polluting the ground water which we drink.

2]Air pollution – Emission from factories, automobiles, ashes and smog from open burning and forest fires, radioactive dusts and molecules from nuclear tests are relentlessly released into the air, which we breathe.

3]Pollution at homes and offices – Paints used in home and office furnishings, detergents and chemicals used are contaminating our homes and offices.

4]Toxins in food – Various colorings, preservatives, growth hormones, antibiotics and insecticides are found in meat, seafood, fruits and vegetables we consume everyday.

5]Drug induced diseases – The many drugs that are consumed everyday and the chemicals contained are found to have caused new diseases.

6]Bad habits and life styles – Excessive eating, alcohol, smoking and late nights have become part and parcel of modern living.

7]Stress – Family commitments, hectic social and business engagements, and complex interpersonal relationships are some of the contributing factors of stress.

These factors are taking a heavy toll on human health. Under existing living conditions, it has been estimated that an average adult would take in 3 to 5 kilograms of toxins and harmful substances coming from eating, breathing and through the skin in a year. This is the root for the alarming increase in the various types of disease and cancer today.

Since the appearance of mankind on earth, they had been collecting and eating plants for food. They discovered that some plants could alleviate ailments or cause it to disappear. Thus, the knowledge on the curative aspects of plants could be traced back to the existence of mankind.

China, especially, has a long history with vast and rich experience in the use of herbs for health care and treatment of illnesses. One of the earliest books and records on medicinal herbal plants was written more than 2,000 years ago in China. Traditionally Chinese medicine dates back to more than 5,000 years and the efficacy has been proven with time. The uniqueness of traditional Chinese medicine is in its formulation. When herbs are combined and balanced, the effect becomes synergistic. The wholesome goodness of Mother Nature should not be overlooked. The effect may be slow but it would not give rise to bad side effects.

For Good Health:

1]Drink a glass of fresh lemonade daily.

2]Mix together a little portion of fresh celery, carrot, wild bittergourd (without its seeds), Japanese cucumber, guava (with its seeds) or apple, potatoes and lemon’s juice and its skin; blend with water and drink it daily.

3] Excercise regularly.

This will give you good health.

Author: T.A Chew