Midcentury Contemporary Furnishings Design

The period of time in between the conclude of Entire world War II and the early 1960s brought a time period of optimism and prosperity to The united states. John F. Kennedy gets to be president, a male flies into space, and it appeared like a time when nearly anything was doable. Gio Ponti and […]

Visitability: A Way of Thinking About Aging and Design

As the population ages and more people are living with physical disabilities, housing and community development must be re-examined. Inaccessible homes impede the daily lives of people who are mobility impaired due to illness, accident or age. Visitors to inaccessible homes face the danger of falling on the entry steps, the worry of not fitting […]

Modern Home Design

A great way to update the look of your home and make any room in your home more aesthetically pleasing to the eye is to choose some modern home decor. There are many different items that are considered to be home decor ranging from appliances to furniture. Modern home decorations is generally items that have […]